Jesse Johnson Extended

Here’s more in my ongoing series of Prince-related posts as my conversions from LP to mp3 continue. I posted the LP version of former Time guitar man Jesse Johnson’s “Crazay” recently. But I consider the extended 12″ version far superior, so here it is. Also included is the B side on the 12″, the extended version of “Drive Yo Cadillac”. Just some more quality classic synth-funk, Minneapolis style.

Jesse Johnson
: Crazay (extended) – featuring Sly Stone (mp3) | Drive Yo Cadillac (extended) (mp3) – LP version of “Crazay” available on ‘Shockadelica’.

4 thoughts on “Jesse Johnson Extended

  1. Yeah that’s actually a hole in my collection… I have every other 12″ single from that album except Baby Let’s Kiss / Fool’s Paradise. Maybe we can – ehh- make arrangements? 😉

  2. “Drive Yo Cadillac” is a bad song! I was so glad when I found it a couple months back. It’s in rotation on my MuVo mp3 player. Another classic ’86 b-side of Jesse is “Fool’s Paradise”..scorchin’ guitar solo @ the end of that joint.

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