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Well, it’s been a good week. My second daughter was born into this world yesterday morning, right into my waiting hands. Words can’t describe it, my friends. The miracle of birth makes skeptics like me into believers. I only wish the world I’ve brought my daughters into was a very different place.

The music that is a natural accompaniment to great moments like these is the music of Bruce Cockburn. Since I discovered his vast catalog of music in the early 90’s, I have turned to Bruce’s music when I want peace, calm, inspiration, and gentle reason.

Here are a couple from my favorite Bruce album, 1979’s Dancing in the Dragon’s Jaws.

Bruce Cockburn: Creation Dream (mp3) | Hills of Morning (mp3)

And it goes without saying that one of the first recorded human voices my daughter will hear is Elvis Presley’s.

Elvis Presley: Welcome to my World (mp3) – from Aloha from Hawaii


Other Bruce News: For you Sirius Satellite Radio subscribers, check out an exclusive interview with the Boss this Sunday. Details are here. An interesting note in this press release regarding the upcoming tour:

Each night, an all new evening of gospel, folk, and blues will be presented by Springsteen with the 17-member Seeger Sessions Band.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to my World

  1. 4 of ’em E-Mort? My brother has 4 and I have no idea how they could possibly manage them. But, God bless ’em, they do! Props to my wife indeed. We’ve got the easy job.

  2. Thanks guys… and that does it in the baby department for us. 2 is the limit! Now, as the father of 2 beautiful little girls, I need to start checking into good 12-gauge shotguns.

  3. Congratulations, Pete! That’s exciting news!

    My wife and I are expecting our first child at the beginning of July… I can hardly wait! 🙂

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