Joe Strummer Acoustic in 1999 (Music Millennium, Portland, Oregon)


It’s necessary here on Ickmusic to periodically post about the late great Joe Strummer. Today, my friends, a treat. This is an afternoon in-store appearance in Portland, Oregon back in November of 1999. Joe’s first Mescaleros album, Rock Art & the X Ray Style, had just been released weeks earlier. From Black Market Clash, a cool site covering all of the Clash / Joe Strummer bootlegs….

The acoustic session is awesome as Joe plays ad lib with funny and made up lyrics ad lib. The sound is excellent also. A direct to DAT mono recording, Joe played in front of around 100 people with a punk circle singing behind Joe and a drummer named Matthew from the local band “Roe” seated with his hands on his legs and stamping on the stage. 4.30pm.

Not sure which store this short set takes place in (maybe someone out there wants to fill me in?), but the vibe sure is loose and relaxed, and like the blurb above says, the sound is pristine. Take a listen to the late, the great, the incomparable Joe Strummer.

Here’s a taste, “Junco Partner”

Joe Strummer (1952-2002) Rest in Peace
In-store Appearance at Music Millennium
November 2, 1999
Portland, Oregon USA

Download the show

Junco Partner
X-Ray Style
Island Hopping
The Road to Rock and Roll
Trash City


Buy Rock Art & the X-Ray Style :

rock art


10 thoughts on “Joe Strummer Acoustic in 1999 (Music Millennium, Portland, Oregon)

  1. I cannot thank you enough for sharing these songs. I’m in Portland, Oregon, I’ve been in Music Millennium, but in 1999 I was just fifteen and three hours away. Also, a few years from 2001, when I discovered Joe. I never got to see him, and after he passed, I didn’t grieve for TEN YEARS. When I finally did, there was so much I hadn’t let myself experience, things of his I’d never heard. Like this. To find this, all these years later, and hear him adlibbing about the city I now live in, being so funny… So warm and wonderful as only he could be… These files are an absolute gift. I know you didn’t record them, but you found them and shared them. This is one of the most precious Joe things I’ve ever experienced. Thank you so, so much for sharing this. I cried laughing, and he was so spot on about Portland. I can’t even tell you. Anyway, I’ve shared on my Joe page. If the link dies, please let me know and I’ll upload anywhere I can to help. Sorry to ramble, but this was just so wonderful and unexpected to find. Thank you.

  2. Hello, anyone home? It would be splendid if you could repost these tracks! I can confirm it is indeed Music Millennium in Portland where this instore took place. Thanks. Please contact me directly if you don’t wish to repost them here for any reason! sensofwndr AT aol DOT com

  3. Thanks for this post, I too miss Joe. My biggest mistake was to dismiss Strummer upon release of Cut the Crap, one of the worst albums I have ever suffered through. I thought to myself, well Stummer isn’t all that without t Mick or another clash mate. But I was wrong, dead wrong. I took a while to even pick up one of his solo albums, but once I reconnected, I realized what I had missed. His death floored me. What a loss, we can use him now.
    Funny I see him stepping up to this madness, like Neil Young has had to. Where is the spine from this generation?

  4. Anonymous said……
    “Please fix the Joe Strummer links–so tempting but they cut out mid download…”

    Don’t know what to tell ya Anon, they work for me. Anybody else having problems?

    Thanks for the name of the probable record store Winston.

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