Mmm-mmm M.I.A.


I’ll freely admit that a large part of what draws me to M.I.A.’s music is her looks. Her exotic Sri Lankan roots, her sexy Brit-rap, and infectious beats like this (courtesy of Diplo), make for some damn fine listening. And like Borat would say, she make me think of sexytime. Very nice! High Five!


M.I.A.: XR2 Turbo (mp3) – this download and others available on her MySpace page.

7 thoughts on “Mmm-mmm M.I.A.

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  3. hiii!!! i love mia 2
    but i live in mexico citty
    and think
    shes coming
    and im not that
    crazy 2
    go alll over the united states
    just 2 see her 4 like 2 hours

    ok bye

  4. A friend of mine hipped me to this over the summer. I listened to it obsessively for about two months. Totally awesome, and different from anything else I’ve heard. Also makes for good running accompaniment (although I haven’t done any of that since the semester started. bad Zack!)

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