Ottawa Tonight – Arcade Fire joins Springsteen!

My eyes just popped out of my head.

Guess who joined Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band for three two songs during the encore tonight in Toronto Ottawa?? Arcade f**ing Fire, that’s who. [Update: Win Butler and his wife Régine Chassagne] Okay, Canadians, tell us how amazing that was. AF blew my brains at the Austin City Limits Festival a few weeks ago… Gadzooks!

Songs with Arcade Fire:

State Trooper
Keep the Car Running (AF tune)
Born to Run



State Trooper

[dailymotion id=3Q137wn91p4rdmFWz]

Keep the Car Running

[dailymotion id=SjpxPl51OJX9bmFWv]

10 thoughts on “Ottawa Tonight – Arcade Fire joins Springsteen!

  1. Thierry – i thought we might hear from you today! Glad to hear the experience was a Top 5’er. That has to be a cool vantage point for the show. Sort of feels like you’re part of the band eh?

    And Neil Young @ Massey Hall? You suck! 😉

  2. I was at the Toronto show last night – after failing to get a GA when they went onsale, I tried the Ticketmaster web site two hours before the show, and got a seat in the first row, 20 feet or so behind Danny Federici (behind the stage, stage right)!!!

    We may not have gotten the Arcade Fire, but getting the opportunity to be close enough to see Little Steven wink at Max was priceless. This goes in my Top 5 shows of all time – and next month is Neil Young at Massey Hall (a 2700-seater)!

  3. I just can’t get enough of this… the person near the camera (taking the video maybe?) yelling “holy shit!” and spazzing out uncontrollably as they start “Keep the Car Running” suits me perfectly. I’d be doing exactly the same thing…


    State Trooper is rad, but “Keep the Car Running”? I’m sorry, THE E-STREET BAND DOING THE ARCADE FIRE??

    Mind is blown. Blown hard.

  5. If this keeps up, the 2007-2008 tour has a chance of joining its brethren 20 years ago as one of Bruce’s finest tours ever. Too bad this one is not in places the size of the Roxy, the Agora or Winterland.

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