How to Endear Yourself to a Canadian Crowd

1. Be Bruce Springsteen.
2. Bring the E Street Band.
3. Bring up the core members of Arcade Fire for a couple of songs during the encore.

As promised, here’s the encore from Ottawa the other night (Sunday, Oct. 14th).

Great quality? Nope. A snapshot in time of a very cool moment in music? Yuh-huh.

Girls in Their Summer Clothes [mp3]

State Trooper (with Régine and Win from Arcade Fire) [mp3]

Keep the Car Running (with Régine and Win, from Arcade Fire) [mp3]

Born to Run [mp3]

Dancing in the Dark [mp3]

American Land [mp3]

Buy Bruce’s latest, Magic.

Buy Arcade Fire’s latest, Neon Bible.

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