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Jerry in the Big House – Oregon State Prison 1982

There I was, all inspired to hit you with a cool, newly found show (new to me) of Jerry Garcia performing acoustic at Oregon State Prison in 1982 – with John Kahn accompanying him on bass. It’s a soundboard, with killer versions of such tunes as “It Takes a Lot To Laugh (It Takes a Train to Cry)”, “I’ve Been All Around This World”, “Friend of the Devil”, and a bunch of others.

But on a Google image search, I stumpled upon a great site, Matt beat me by a few months. He posted the show back in February. And poke me with a stick and call me Frank, he still has the show up. Bless his soul.


Jerry Garcia & John Kahn – Ripple- Live at the big house, Oregon State Prison, May 5th, 1982

DOWNLOAD: Get the whole show here.

Miscellany: for posterity’s sake, I give you a Photoshop doodle, courtesy of my 3 year old tonight.

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  1. Gus Gus

    Elizabeth Cotten wrote this song, not Bob Dylan

  2. Cam Cam

    Very nice picks (the artwork and the tune from the show).

    I would highly recommend Reuben & Cherise as well.

  3. Jim Jim

    It seems the right shape, maybe you can sell it as cover art to one of the indie bands you know?

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