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Jerry in the Big House – Oregon State Prison 1982

There I was, all inspired to hit you with a cool, newly found show (new to me) of Jerry Garcia performing acoustic at Oregon State Prison in 1982 – with John Kahn accompanying him on bass. It’s a soundboard, with killer versions of such tunes as “It Takes a Lot To Laugh (It Takes a Train to Cry)”, “I’ve Been All Around This World”, “Friend of the Devil”, and a bunch of others.

But on a Google image search, I stumpled upon a great site, Matt beat me by a few months. He posted the show back in February. And poke me with a stick and call me Frank, he still has the show up. Bless his soul.

So I’m posting my favorite of the show here: Bob Dylan’s Elizabeth Cotten’s “Oh Babe It Ain’t No Lie”, which, judging from Matt’s post, is his fave too.

been all around this ol’ round world
and i just got back today
work all the week, honey and i give it all to you
honey baby what more can i do?

Jerry Garcia & John Kahn Oh, Babe It Ain’t No Lie (mp3) – Live at the big house, Oregon State Prison, May 5th, 1982

DOWNLOAD: Get the whole show here, courtesy of Thanks Matt.

Miscellany: for posterity’s sake, I give you a Photoshop doodle, courtesy of my 3 year old tonight.

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  1. Jim Jim

    It seems the right shape, maybe you can sell it as cover art to one of the indie bands you know?

  2. Cam Cam

    Very nice picks (the artwork and the tune from the show).

    I would highly recommend Reuben & Cherise as well.

  3. Gus Gus

    Elizabeth Cotten wrote this song, not Bob Dylan

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