The Time + Rihanna = Jungle Umbrella Love? – Watch the Grammys

Here’s a newsworthy item for a Prince geek like me… According to this Billboard article, Rihanna will be joined by none other than the Time for a performance at next weekend’s Grammys.

I’ll be adding my sometimes snide, sometimes cynical, but honest commentary all night in year 2 of my live blogging of the Grammys. Believe me, it works better than barking mean-spirited comments to my wife all night!

There should be some blog-worthy moments, especially if Amy Winehouse shows up. They tried to make her go to rehab and she said Yes Yes Yes – this time around. But she’s expected to be there for the ceremony.

Here’s Morris, Terry, Jimmy, Jesse and the boys throwin’ down on American Bandstand back in ’82-’83 with “777-9311” (quality = shiteous, but fun nonetheless):

6 thoughts on “The Time + Rihanna = Jungle Umbrella Love? – Watch the Grammys

  1. Well now that could be interesting. I’m not too big on the Rihanna record, but I do like “Umbrella.” And if Jam and Lewis are there, well…too funky!

  2. HMMM? I wonder if Jesse Johnson is going to join them also?? I would be really awesome just to see the original lineup.

  3. Gotta be Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis rejoining for a one off, wouldn’t ya think?
    Next logical step? Prince brings the original members of the Revolution together for a Time / Revolution Reunion Tour, of course.

    Or is Prince still happy with his dead web site, which has been dark now for more than a month?

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