5 thoughts on “Miles at the Boston Jazz Workshop, 1973

  1. I was there in Boston…snuck in solo without paying the 15.00 cover (I was in college at the time and had no money)…I saw him less than 25 feet away: back to the audience, like no one else was there. When he did turn around he didn’t look at anyone in the room…just kept playing. There were maybe 25-30 people altogether in the tiny room. I could not believe my good fortune.

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  3. Sorry drunken post. When I was at Pepperdine Mr Davis use to come to the pool and literally wade in the water in a speedo. Needless to say I did’nt ask for his pool ID.

  4. I met Miles in a strange way. I checkeded him into a pool. What thefuck. That hair is too nice for a pool. Movie star dance ,dance ,dance,dance.

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