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  1. Kendra Kendra

    When i was around 4 or 5 years old my grandpa gorrell got me started on elvis now i collect all i can get my hands on with elvis on it I Love all of his songs

  2. Trish Trish

    I Hear The Song, And I’m Using Firefox
    I Find Sometimes These Diff. Takes From Songs Are
    Interesting, Thanks .

  3. Someone’s got a case of the Mondayyys.

    You’re welcome Edd! (Tip: to activate the mp3 flash player, your hands must be removed from your pants)

  4. Edd Langley Edd Langley

    what kind of trash are you pushing/ I’ve tried over 1 hr to hear music on your add on . I suppose I have to buy something
    right? Your add on sucks. I’m begining Think not to use Fire fox.

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