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Garcia and Grisman – Sitting in Limbo

Just a random offering here, from my Grateful Dead Hour tape archives. David Grisman on mandolin, Jerry Garcia on acoustic guitar, and their blissful, laid back, powerful take on this Jimmy Cliff tune.

Buy the Soundtrack to Grateful Dawg, a film documenting the relationship between Garcia and Grisman, a friendship and musical collaboration that lasted from 1964 until Jerry’s passing in 1995:

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  1. Beth Beth

    2 musical greats for sure. I’ve seen you at Grey Fox a few times. Love your music…I love “Shady Grove”. Listened to you and 3 others at the Masters tent at Grey Fox this year. Thank you so much for your music!

  2. Dave Dave

    Thanks Pete for the Jerry and David sounds …always good to hear anywhere on the good earth or out in space,
    From Dave in UK

  3. politico politico

    musical genius. Shady Grove is one of my all time favs…

  4. the grisman/garcia collaboration is one of the great synergies in music. im not a big fan of their other material,
    maybe i should mention that. i love the stripped-down sound: totally intimate.

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