A New Year – some JD McPherson

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Right on.
Write on.

Happy New Year! It’s 2018, I turn 48 this year, I have daughters in 9th and 6th grade, I started a new job last year, Donald Trump is President of the United States and – SCREEEECH! – music is still and will always be my refuge. Thank God for it.

With this new year come the familiar good feelings of renewal, rebirth and motivation to improve. I’m no David Dang Fricke, but I do enjoy coming here and banging on the keyboard, writing about the tunes that are carrying me through the day. So let’s see where this takes us, shall we?

I’m always up for new music discovery, and one solid area of today’s music streaming services – whether you’re on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music, etc. – are their New Music playlists that update each Friday (which still feels weird after going our lifetimes waiting for those release Tuesdays). Every time I listen, I hear something that perks the old ears.

Another is the discovery areas. Spotify’s Discover Weekly and Apple’s A-Lists are always turning me on to great stuff, new and old.

For example, if you like roots/folk/Americana music, check out Apple Music’s The A-List: Americana playlist. It’s chock full of great stuff, and it was hitting me left and right with new artists. One was Broken Arrow, Oklahoma’s JD McPherson. “Crying’s Just a Thing You Do” has a cool old time rock n roll / rockabilly twist, as does his record for that matter (check out Undivided Heart and Soul).

Lots more to come in ’18 – right?

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