What the Kids are Listening to: Beautiful Girls

I know it’s Thursday and not Sunday, but I’ve had this one in my hopper for a day or so…

I’m going to turn on the cantankerous old man voice now: what in the heck are these kids listening to! A couple of weeks ago I had my son in the car with me and this lovely little ditty came on. My first thought was “Hmm, Ben E. King with a beat, interesting” and I was with it until I listened to the lyrics. Here’s a snippet:

You’re way too beautiful girl
That’s why it’ll never work
You’ll have me suicidal, suicidal
When you say it’s over
Damn all these beautiful girls
They only wanna do your dirt
They’ll have you suicidal, suicidal
When they say it’s over

Did he really just say suicidal? More than that, is that my 9 year old singing along!? I’ll admit that merely typing the words “In my youth” hurts, but in my youth parent advocate groups would have had Mr. Kingston in court in a heartbeat for merely suggesting suicide is cool. And yet atop the Billboard 100 this tune has sat for three weeks and not even Fergie, Timbaland nor the mighty KanYe can seem to de-throne him.

I’m interested to hear what all the faithful readers of ickmusic think of this tune. Personally, and much to my son’s displeasure, this gets switched off at the first note anytime it comes on.

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A Nudge in the Right Direction


Hey all… I’m on a little hiatus for the next few days. But while I’m away, Michael’s picking up the slack. I’ll be back in action in a few days. Meanwhile, here are some tasty recommendations from Michael… – Pete

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  • Jason phones in his Mellow this week, but it’s still golden. Learn more than you ever wanted to know about Benny Mardones.
  • Stereogum shares the news that Nels Cline has the Chicken Pox.
  • Kevin at So Much Silence shares the wonderful word that Jeremy Enigk (formerly of Sunny Day Real Estate) is releasing another record and not waiting 10 years this time!
  • MOKB shares the brilliance of Petra Haden’s “Don’t Stop Believing”
  • Heather deals with server issues and introduces us to the poetry of Luke Doucet.
  • And finally, what do Frank Zappa and Burt Ward (trust me, you know who this is) have in common? Head over to Some Velvet Blog to find out.

Covers Fit For A King

As I’m sure you’re all well aware, Thursday marks the 30th anniversary of the passing of Elvis Presley. In light of that I thought I’d pull some of my favorites together for a video montage… Everyone grab a peanut butter and banana sandwich and enjoy!

Pete Yorn – Suspicious Minds

No Doubt – Suspicious Minds

The Flaming Lips – Suspicious Minds (Can you tell what my favorite Elvis tune is?)

Cheap Trick – Don’t Be Cruel

UB40 – Can’t Help Falling In Love

Willie Nelson – Always On My Mind

Tommy Emmanuel – Heartbreak Hotel

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – In The Ghetto

And I’d be remiss if I did not post the King himself covering some great tracks

Are You Lonesome Tonight?


Johnny B. Goode


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Go Go Music: Chuck Brown (DC’s Best Kept Secret)

Pete and I must have had a cross country mind meld, as I swear the post you are about to read was started on my laptop late Friday night.

“The Godfather of Go-Go”

My first exposure to Chuck Brown came earlier this year in the way of an interview with Mike Scott (Prince, Justin Timberlake) in Guitar Player magazine. While the good Rev. Scott gave utmost props to his former band leader he also spoke in great detail about “The Godfather of Go-Go” and how he shaped his sound growing up in D.C. I ran out and picked up “The Best of Chuck Brown” and immediately understood how. Take equal parts funk and Latin music, mix in a dash of soul and new jack swing (way before it’s time) and you’ve got the recipe for yet more break-filled music to move your rump.

Check out a handful of tracks, and if you don’t tap your foot, nod your head and wiggle in your chair upon listening, check your pulse!

Chuck Brown & The Soul SearchersIt Don’t Mean A Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing) (mp3)

Chuck BrownThe Love Theme From “The Godfather” (mp3)

Bonus Video!!

Here’s Chuck’s performance (With his band The Soul Searchers) of “We Need Some Money” from the 1986 movie Good To Go.


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31 Positions On 21 Night Stands…

21 Nights

21 Nights of Prince and the question stands… will he play the same set every night? Will we get 21 identical sets? Add 21 after shows with 21 versions of “Footprints”, “Stratus” and “Crazy”?

What do you guys and gals want (or not want) to hear?

It looks like the whole UK shebang was kicked off with “Purple Rain” and after hearing the 7/7/07 show I have to say that it’s beginning to really sound like he wants to ‘get it out of the way’ as opposed to the celebration that it was as recent as the Musicology tour and the spectacular (albeit abbreviated) Super Bowl performance.

Booking a 21 night stand is a pretty risky proposal for just about any artist. But Prince has the catalog, hits and all, to back it up – provided he does not do the unimaginable and leave his song book at home. It’s time to show and prove Prince, don’t you wanna come…

Link: Official Site

Crazy Wonderful Indeed

Amerie - Because I Love It

It’d be easy to pass Amerie Mi Marie Rogers by as just another Beyoncé clone to be filed neatly before Ciara and Rihanna in the record industry’s attempt to strike gold more than once (as displayed perfectly by the latter’s more than 2 month stint atop the UK charts with her infectious “Umbrella”). It’s not that easy though, and Amerie is far from another clone.

With everything from the acid-jazz breaks of “Hate2LoveU” to the classic 80’s new-wave funk of “Some Like It” and “Crazy Wonderful”, Amerie delivers 13 tracks of pure funk. It may be a heady comparison but the overall record hearkens back to Sign O’ The Times era Prince. Covering ground from multiple styles while creating a cohesive album that really just makes you want to shake your behind and fall in love all at the same time.

While this record is not out in the states until August 21st, the UK crowd has had this record since May where it reached number 17 on the UK Album charts. Here’s a taste of what we’re in store for… check out “Crazy Wonderful” and pick up Because I Love It when it hits stores, or pick up the UK import which includes her 2005 breakthrough tune “1Thing”.

Amerie – Crazy Wonderful (MP3)

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