100 Words on “Live from Daryl’s House”


“It was just one of those light bulb moments…” is how Daryl Hall describes the thought behind his web series Live from Daryl’s House. Inviting everyone from electrofunk duo Chromeo to guitar virtuoso Monte Montgomery up to his house in Connecticut to hang out, talk shop and sit in with “T-Bone” Wolk and the band all the while filming it for the most intimate and fun web series I’ve seen. John Oates even makes a couple of appearances in the monthly program. More than lip service, the series shows the soul shared in putting musicians in room to “just play.”



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100 Words on “Daylight”

Avez-Vous Un Matt And Kim?

I honestly don’t think that I’ve ever taken a cue from MTV but I was flipping through the channels and came across the video for “Daylight (mp3)” by NYC hipster hype du jour Matt & Kim. The hook was embedded deep and after finding the track (free & legal, go figure) it’s gotten more then a few spins in just a few days. It’s fun yet abrasive and quite frankly disposable, but I dig the hell out of it. I played it for my wife and she dropped this gem “It’s catchy, but catchy doesn’t mean its good”. Take that Brooklyn!

[audio:01 Daylight.mp3]

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100 Words on Collections

They may take away our collection, but they'll never take our freedom!

Have you ever been overwhelmed by the amount of music in your collection? With the advent of the mp3 and the plummeting cost of storage it’s now possible to amass a collection thats only constrained by your resourcefulness. Even pre-internet I was a collector and have amassed a huge collection over the years. It occurred to me today as I was struggling to find something to listen to that the job of finding the right album to suit my mood was increasingly difficult. I combat this with extensive tagging and playlists but there are days where it just fails me.

100 Words on Change

This Is Not Your Father's Change.Countless words have been cast regarding the precipice that we as Americans (and under no uncertain terms, the world) stand upon at this moment. Yes, a change is a comin’ one way or another and it’s my sincere hope that once that course is set that the opposite sides can abide by one another, accept it for what it is and embrace it as we move forward in history. And while I won’t ask you to vote for “that one” or the other guy I do implore all of our readers who can to please do your part and vote.

For information about where to vote: Google
For information on the other races and resolutions in your area: Ballotpedia

100 Words on Time

All work and no time makes Jack a dull boy.“Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.” (Douglas Adams)

Time may be on Mick’s side but these days I can’t seem to find time to dedicate to writing insightful reviews of the stacks of CD’s sitting on my desk and all the news swirling around the internets. Did you hear that Chinese Democracy is actually coming out? I could go on for hours about that one but alas, the salt mines are beckoning for my return and I want to be sure to have time for The Friday Five tomorrow. To tide you over until tomorrow here are three rather disparate variations on the theme for your enjoyment. Shalom!

The S.O.S Band – Take Your Time (Do It Right), Part 1 (mp3)

Skid Row – Wasted Time (mp3)

Willie Nelson – Medley: Funny How Time Slips Away / Crazy / Night Life (mp3)