Freaky and Clandestine: It’s Double Oh-Oh

I finally got my turntable and computer talking to eachother again, so I’m finally able to bring you some of my choice LP cuts! I bet you’re really excited.

One of the first albums I pulled out today was George Clinton‘s 2nd solo album, ‘Some of My Best Jokes Are Friends’, which came out in 1985 (during my funk discovery days as a teenager). My favorite on the album is the opener, “Double Oh-Oh”, about a super sexy secret agent. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be jumping around chanting “UH! This is for my country…UH! This is for me!” by the end of the song. I’ll try to get more tracks from this album out. A couple of them are written and produced (and partly performed) by Thomas Dolby. A cool album, lots of drum machines and synths, but hey it was 1985, and being a Prince fanatic, this was right up my alley.

Listen: George Clinton – Double Oh-Oh (mp3)
Buy: Some of My best Jokes are Friends
Official Web Site: (cool Flash site)

We’re Gettin’ Root Down

Since I just took off the Jimmy Smith track from last week, I feel obligated to include another JS gem. As I mentioned before, I didn’t find out about the greatness of Jimmy Smith until last year. Little did I know, I was grooving to Jimmy’s organ when I didn’t even know it, on the Beastie Boys’ “Root Down”. If I had any sense, I would’ve tracked down the originator of that groove when I was listening to it in the mid 90’s. *slap across the face*

Well, it’s no surpise that the original absolutely destroys the Beasties’ take on it (and I do LOVE the Beasties’ version). But man, that beat (and the way it starts, cascading into that sick groove), that rhythm, the sweet low down Hammond… Sheesh.

Listen: Jimmy Smith – Root Down (mp3)
Buy: Root Down

It’s a Madhouse In Here

It was fun being a Prince fanatic in the 80’s. You’d get a great new album every year, and interspersed in there would be his 12″ maxi-single releases. Most would have an extended version of the album track, as well a previously unreleased B-Side (they’ve all since been compiled on to the 3rd CD of his Greatest Hits release from the late 90’s). It was all so original and fresh: “Irresistible Bitch”, “She’s Always in My Hair”, “17 Days”, “Another Lonely Christmas”, to name a few.

On top of his own releases, Prince was busy working on his side projects: The Family, Appollonia 6, Sheila E., and Madhouse. Madhouse was made up primarily of Prince and Eric Leeds (Prince’s sax player at the time), with some contribution from Levi Seacer (bass) and Sheila E. (drums). It was basically an outlet for Prince to lay down some of his more jazz and jazz-funk oriented stuff. The first Madhouse album was entitled ‘8’, and the songs were entitled 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. He released ‘6’ as a maxi-single, which included ‘6 (End of the World Mix)’, which I have for you now…

Madhouse – 6 (End of the World Mix) (mp3) – 1986, Paisley Park – {The album is out of print, but you can buy it on Amazon for , uhh, $110)

Jesse’s Just Wanting You

Jesse Johnson left The Time in 1984, right after their success due to their part in ‘Purple Rain’, and their 2 hit singles, “The Bird” and “Jungle Love”. Jesse did alright for himself, releasing a few albums over the years, including a greatest hits compilation in 2000 that includes this song, “I’m Just Wanting You”. It’s a laid back tune, with Jesse’s guitar at center stage. I think this song was made for this compilation, but I could be wrong. Jesse’s not returning my phone calls. If you know for sure, leave a comment. Hope ya like it…

Jesse Johnson – I’m Just Wanting You
(mp3) – from Ultimate Collection, 2000, Hip-O – {Buy it on Amazon}

Old School Saturday

It’s time to take you back to 1985. I was a 15 yr old snot nosed little kid and I loved the 80’s R&B / Soul of the time (thanks to Prince opening up my mind and expanding my love of music a year earlier), including this absolute classic by Con Funk Shun. Now, these brothers were around a looong time before I came across this tune. They got together in the late 60’s.

This track was produced by Larry Smith, who produced Run-DMC’s first two albums, and Whodini’s Escape (another one of my favorites of the time…”I’m a Ho”, anyone?). So dig if you will the picture, of Con Funk Shun busting out a little Electric Lady on yo ass….

Con Funk Shun – Electric Lady (mp3) – 1985, Mercury – {Amazon}

By the way, I have to thank Tofu Hut for an honorable mention on their site. My traffic has picked up quite a bit as a result.

So come on folks, click the little Comments thing under the posts and let me know what you think. Does any of this music fill your soul, or make you beeline for the latest toilet? Anybody else remember Electric Lady? You thought it was Cameo too huh? Hehe. Me too…

Baby, What’s Your Phone Number?

Back in the early 80’s when Prince was building his Minneapolis empire, The Time emerged as his first and ultimately most formidable side/pet project. The Time actually morphed from the popular Minneapolis band Flyte Tyme, of which Prince and Morris Day were members. Most people are familiar with the Time from ‘Purple Rain’. Prior to the movie’s release, the Time released two albums: the self-titled debut, and 1982’s ‘What Time is It’?

The best track off the album, and their best ever, in my most esteemed opinion, is ‘777-9311’: 8 minutes of unadulterated synth and guitar-driven swaggering funk. Produced by ‘The Starr Company’, AKA Jamie Starr AKA Prince, the little purple guy puts his stamp down heavy on this tune.

The Time – 777-9311 (mp3) has the CD available for under $9.00. Grab it!