A Dead Giveaway – Europe ’72 & More

It’s been a long time since I’ve hosted a contest and it’s been way too long since I’ve featured the good old Grateful Dead. And wow, do I have a cool bundle of swag to give away this time around.

Earlier this month, Rhino released Europe ’72: Vol. 2, a follow up to the almost 40 year old Europe ’72, which captures one of the Dead’s most legendary tours (not to mention Ron “Pigpen” McKernan’s very last tour). There was a lot of great music from the tour still hanging around in the vaults all these years, and lucky for the us, Dead archivist David Lemieux got his hands on them, and gathered 20 songs for Vol. 2.

The result is a collection of twenty tunes from the 22-show tour, ranging from “Bertha”, “Next Time You See Me”, and “Greatest Story Ever Told” to the always epic “Dark Star” > Drums > “The Other One” from the May ’72 Bickershaw Festival in Wigan, UK (outside Manchester). Plus a whole bunch of other Dead classics from different stops along that European road (the track list is down below).

So, let’s get to the goods. Yes, I’ve got this great new release for one lucky winner. But – how do they say it? – that’s not all!!

To the victor goes the spoils, which are:

I’m telling you, I’m envious of whoever gets this. It’s sitting here staring me in the face, begging to be ripped open and explored. Buuut I’ll be good and pass it on to one of you fine people.

It couldn’t be easier to enter – just leave a comment below, and after a week, I’ll select a winner. If you’ve seen the Dead, I’d be interested to know, what was your one favorite show or your one cherished memory? If you didn’t catch them before Jerry’s untimely passing in 1995, just go with stream of consciousness… favorite song/show? Era? Does Donna Godchaux’s backing vocal stylings from their 70’s shows make your skin crawl, or does it do something for you? (Sorry Donna, for me, it’s the former.)

I’ll pick a winner and notify him or her by email on Friday, October 7th. Make sure to leave your email address in the field below. It’s not shared with the masses, I just need a way to get in touch (once). This giveaway is open to anyone in the US or Canada.

Good luck Deadheads and non-Deadheads alike!!

Here are a couple from the new Vol. 2 collection…

Bertha by gratefuldead

Greatest Story Ever Told – Olympia Theatre, Paris 5/3/72 by gratefuldead

EUROPE ’72: VOL. 2 || Track Listing

Disc One

1. “Bertha” – Tivolis Koncertsal, Copenhagen (4/14/72)
2. “Me And My Uncle” – Wembley Empire Pool, Wembley (4/7/72)
3. “Chinatown Shuffle” – Tivolis Koncertsal, Copenhagen (4/14/72)
4. “Sugaree” – Olympia Theatre, Paris (5/3/72)
5. “Beat It On Down The Line” – Theatre Hall, Luxembourg (5/16/72)
6. “Loser” – Tivolis Koncertsal, Copenhagen (4/14/72)
7. “Next Time You See Me” – Olympia Theatre, Paris (5/4/72)
8. “Black-Throated Wind” – Tivolis Koncertsal, Copenhagen (4/14/72)
9. “Dire Wolf” – Jahrhundert Halle, Frankfurt (4/26/72)
10. “Greatest Story Ever Told” – Olympia Theatre, Paris (5/3/72)
11. “Deal” – Olympia Theatre, Paris (5/4/72)
12. “Good Lovin’” – Jahrhundert Halle, Frankfurt (4/26/72)
13. “Playing In The Band” – Strand Lyceum, London (5/24/72)

Disc Two

1. “Dark Star”> – Bickershaw Festival, Wigan (5/7/72)
2. Drums > – Bickershaw Festival, Wigan (5/7/72)
3. “The Other One”> – Bickershaw Festival, Wigan (5/7/72)
4. “Sing Me Back Home” – Strand Lyceum, London (5/26/72)
5. “Not Fade Away”> – Wembley Empire Pool, Wembley (4/7/72)
6. “Goin’ Down The Road Feeling Bad”> – Wembley Empire Pool, Wembley (4/7/72)
7. “Not Fade Away” – Wembley Empire Pool, Wembley (4/7/72)

ScarJo and Yorn’s new song “Relator” – and a vinyl giveaway


Even though Scarlett’s cover album of Tom Waits tunes didn’t fare too well commercially or critically, you have to hand it to her for following her musical whims and desires. Her latest project has her teaming up with Pete Yorn for Break Up, a new album due September 15th.

The first single is “Relator”, which was released a couple weeks back. Last week, the video was released – which is a huge deal for me, because, well, this is Scarlett Johansson we’re talking about here, folks.

7″Vinyl Single Giveaway: The good people at Rhino sent me the vinyl 7″ single, which includes the B-side “I Don’t Know What To Do”. If you feel like adding this to your collection, leave a comment below. I’ll pick a random winner a few days down the road. The cover art is different (and better) than the one above. I look at the one above and four words come to mind: “Outta the way, Yorn!!

Listen: Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson – “Relator

Visit: The Break Up Album dot com


Leonard Cohen Giveaway: The Winner is…

Twelve people – 12 (!?) – ended up entering themselves in the Leonard Cohen giveaway contest. I either don’t know my demographic / readership, people really are lazy, or the post didn’t make it in front of very many eyes (could have been due to the comments issue as well). Who knows. But it sure made the odds of winning pretty damn good.

At any rate, it went down like this… my head was swimming in coffee & Dayquil this morning – the old man is sick as a dog –  so I left the winner selection to my 3 year old daughter. Yesterday was her birthday, so she deserved to crown the victor, don’t ya think?

Names were written on tiny pieces of paper and placed carefully into her metallic Barbie Princess® purse. She reached in, picked one out, and handed it to me…

As you see – our winner this go around is SINZIANA.


Leonard Cohen, Live in London CD & DVD [It’s a Giveaway aka Free S**t Alert]

Leonard Cohen is another one of those fellas that I kick myself for not getting more into, because I enjoy the little I’ve heard, and I know I’d enjoy his stuff if I just took the time to seek out his work and listen. The smooth, intricate, laid back vibes, the wit and wonder of his lyrics. I mean, I would definitely call “Hallelujah” one of the most brilliant songs ever written. And I gotta say, with Jeff Buckley singing it – well, it don’t get any better.

I’ve started tonight by taking in his new CD/DVD, Live in London. I’ve been grooving for some time, enjoying Cohen’s smooth baritone timber, and the terrific show that he put on for the folks at the O2 Arena last July 17th.

Once again, folks, I sacrifice an awesome collection for the good of the Ickmusic reading populace. I’ve got a brand new CD of the show, and a brand new DVD of the show, and one lucky commenter below will get both gratis.

To enter: it can’t get any easier, really – leave a comment below.

That’s it.

If you’re a longtime fan, maybe you can throw in an album / era recommendation for the newbies out there. Or maybe an anecdote. Or a link to a tasty video. You be the judge. If you’re just getting started with LC, what draws you to his music? What was your introduction to Cohen? Or have you even had one? Do you like gladiator movies? What’s the biggest lake you’ve ever been in? Where’s Waldo?

I’ll pick a winner by next weekend. Good luck!

BUY Live In London

Links: Official Site | MySpace

Live In London Tracklisting:

Disc 1 –

1. Dance Me To The End Of Love
2. The Future
3. Ain’t No Cure For Love
4. Bird On The Wire
5. Everybody Knows
6. In My Secret Life
7. Who By Fire
8. Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye
9. Anthem
10. Introduction
11. Tower Of Song
12. Suzanne
13. The Gypsy’s Wife

Disc 2 –

1. Boogie Street
2. Hallelujah
3. Democracy
4. I’m Your Man
5. Recitation w/ N.L.
6. Take This Waltz
7. So Long, Marianne
8. First We Take Manhattan
9. Sisters Of Mercy
10. If It Be Your Will
11. Closing Time
12. I Tried To Leave You
13. Wither Thou Goest

The Who at Kilburn DVD – A Giveaway

Psst… I’m looking to unload a sweet 2-DVD SET: ‘The Who at Kilburn 1977′. Some nice folks sent it to me a few months ago, and if they don’t see a giveaway soon, the goons are gonna show up at my door and shove toothpicks under my fingernails or waterboard me in my kitchen sink.

To be eligible to win, you gotta live here in the U.S.A, and you have to leave either of the following in the Comments….

A Limerick:

There once was a blogger named Ick
Who fancied a good limerick
So please pause yer drinking
And do get to thinking
The one with wit should do the trick.



Townshend and Daltrey
Went to a local bath house
And ate shepherd’s pie

You see? It doesn’t have to make sense. Multiple entries allowed too. F it.
I’ll pick a winner from the entries in about a week.

I call that a bargain, the best you ever had, don’t you? The trailer and more details about the DVD after the jump…

Check it out on Amazon here.

AC/DC DVD – Let There Be Free Stuff

Seems like only two things on this site motivate you people to leave a comment. One is Michael’s great Friday 5 column. The other is when I give away free shit.

This one is the latter.

I’m giving away a brand spankin’ new copy of AC/DC‘s new DVD release ‘No Bull: The Director’s Cut‘. It’s a 1996 concert from a bullring in Madrid, Spain – Plaza De Toro De Las Ventas. I lived in Madrid when I was a kid, and I’m pretty sure I went to a bullfight there (about 21 years prior to this show). I’ll have to ask my mom.

I caught this on Palladium HD channel a few weeks back, and, well, it’s pretty sweet if you like to rock out with AC/DC once in a while, and really, who doesn’t?

So leave a comment below to throw your hat in the (bull)ring (*rimshot*).

You know how I love my haikus and my limericks in situations like this, but I’ll leave it up to you. Leave the typed equivalent of a belch if you want. Or maybe a link to a funny Family Guy episode. You decide.

The winner will be announced in a week. Good luck!

Check out the Trailer | Buy It

Back to Soul / Back to School – An Ickmusic Giveaway

This may be the first and last time you will ever see the words “Avril Lavigne” or “Hayden Panetierre” ever mentioned here (at least by me). But today, these words will be uttered, and they’ll be uttered in the same space as the Godfather of Soul, James Brown!

Blasphemy? Perhaps.

It’s a double shot of giveaway goodness, people . Thanks to the good folks at Kohl’s and the Shout! Factory, these items are up for grabs to one lucky commenter.

  • I Got the Feelin’: James Brown in the 60’s – a deluxe, 3-DVD box set of a JB documentary and vintage performances.
  • A $50 gift card to Kohl’s.

And going against all of my instincts, I haven’t even opened the DVD set. I’ll force myself to Netflix it. So this is a pretty sweet deal if you ask me. And what do I ask of you? Well, read on after the jump…

Givin’ It Away: ScarJo’s New CD

Hmm, I must think of creative way to give away a brand new copy of Scarlett Johansson’s new album, Anywhere I Lay My Head (looking at this picture, I have a very vivid idea of where I’d like to lay my head, but that’s neither here nor there). The album hit stores today (May 20). You scan still stream several of the tunes here.

We have a creative bunch hanging around here. We’ve done haikus, and we’ve done limericks. For this contest, I think we’ll open it up to some freestyle poetry slammin’. In the Comments section, hit us with a haiku, or hit us with a limerick, or impress us with some obscure poetic stylings. Keep it simple, or get into it, it’s up to you.

The topic? Why, Scarlett, of course. You can wax poetic about her films, her music career, her decision to dive into the Tom Waits song book, and/or, of course, her beauty. All I ask is that you keep it clean. If you’re going to bust a haiku about Scarlett’s elevator encounter with Benicio Del Toro, well, you’re just gonna have to keep it classy. Because we all know elevator sex is classy.

One submission per person. I’ll pick a winner later in the week.

Good luck!

Scarlett’s Official Web Site

Click to buy the album…

Scarlett’s MySpace

Ickmusic Giveaway: New Joshua Tree Deluxe Edition

I’m about to make a U2 fan – or the U2 fan in someone’s life – very happy. I have a fresh copy of the newly remastered Joshua Tree album. But not only that. This is the deluxe edition, baby, and includes a second CD of B-sides and demos from the original sessions. It’s got a beautiful hard cover booklet to go with it – and I can’t quite figure out why I’m not greedily grasping on to it, but I’m givin’ it away. Must be the Christmas spirit. It’s certainly not due to the dismal amount of comments I’ve been receiving around here lately – you slackers.

So as exhibited in a giveaway of yore – we honor U2’s roots and return to the Irish limerick contest. This one has to be good. Here are some groundrules:

  • Leave a Comment below with your limerick. Be sure to include your email address (no one else can see it).
  • It has to at least loosely adhere to the rules of a limerick. A rhyming scheme of AABBA. Here’s the Wikipedia entry on limericks. Or follow the steps here.
  • It has to mention a member of U2: Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton, or Larry Mullen.
  • Bonus points for working in a lyric or song name.
  • UPDATED: I’ll allow 2 entries per person if you’re inspired…
  • I’ll pick my favorite from the Comments in a week or so.

Leave ’em in the comments below and let her rip! Good luck!

Now for some assorted U2 goodness…

Find out more about the new Joshua Tree release after the jump.