A Johnny n’ Jesus Giveaway

Johnny Cash

On March 6th, Johnny Cash – Ultimate Gospel was released on Columbia/Legacy. 24 tracks of Johnny’s favorite gospel tunes, including three previously unreleased tracks. Whether you love you some Jesus, or you love Johnny Cash, or both, leave a comment below, and you may just win the CD….

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Full Tune Stream-age:

This Little Light of Mine, Live from Torino

With the new European tour under way, the Seeger Sessions Band has thrown another classic traditional tune into the mix: the gospel standard “This Little Light of Mine”. Perfect choice, in my opinion. The show as a whole has a spiritual revival quality to it, and the addition of this song only enhances the experience. It’s hard not to be moved when you have almost 20 musicians on stage playing this great music.

While a lot of Bruce fans ache for another E Street album and tour, I’m hoping Bruce takes his Seeger Sessions show through the U.S. just one more time. I want to experience it again, and I want my almost 3-year old to experience it this time. Such pure, unbridled M-U-S-I-C.

Bruce Springsteen and the Seeger Sessions Band: This Little Light of Mine (mp3) – live from Torino, Italy, Oct 2, 2006 – pick up We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions – American Land Edition

Here’s another great version of the song, with Sam Cooke tweaking it with a little soul / R&B flavor…

Sam Cooke: This Little Light of Mine (mp3) – from Sam Cooke at the Copa

Voices from Heaven

Here’s something powerful to wrap up your weekend in fine fashion. I heard this on my way into work last week on Sirius. I cranked it up and took it all in. Short, powerful, and exhilirating, another one of those tunes that makes believers out of skeptics like us.

Soweto Gospel Choir: Thina Simnqobile (mp3) – from Voices from Heaven