Spazz Folk Coming at Ya

 I have to share a song I recently discovered on another blog (can’t remember which one, but one of those links there on the right side). The band is Need New Body. The only explanation of this music that I can muster comes again from All

They exist in an as yet unnamed category almost all their own: some sort of spazz-folk created with banjos, eight-bit video game consoles, junkyard percussion, absurd ranting, and campfire chanting.

Yeah, that’s it! This one’s infectious. Anything that gets my daughter all excited and jumping around and waving her arms has gotta be good:

Check out their latest, UFO, on Amazon. With song names like “Gigglebush Meets CompUSA, “Tittie Pop”, and “Pisscat”, it’s no wonder I’m endeared to them.

Camping with Mr. B.D.Boy

A few years ago I came across a great album from one Badly Drawn Boy. Turns out BDB is comprised of one English bloke named Damon Gough. It was his debut album, Hour of the Bewilderbeest. He’s since put out a few more albums, including the soundtrack to “About a Boy”, a really good romantic comedy starring Hugh Grant. But no BDB song has quite captured me like “Camping Next to Water”. It’s a melancholy tune with downright strange lyrics . But it’s the instrumentation that does it for me. The simplicity of the opening drums and guitar, building into the moment at 1:07 where there’s a cool little drum part (I know there’s probably a name for it) and the bass kicks in, amd the song goes to another level.

It’s time to go Camping Next to Water (mp3) with Badly Drawn Boy.

Buy Badly Drawn Boy

Happy Merry Christmas Funtime

For a light-hearted approach to Christmas music, we have to return to Grandaddy, with their Christmas classic, Alan Parsons in a Winter Wonderland. Here’s an excerpt:

in the meadow we can build a snowman
and pretend that he is Alan Parsons
he’ll say have you listened to my new band
we’ll say no but we really like that one song
it goes ‘time keeps flowing like a river’

This song was part of a 2000 Christmas compilation released only in the UK: It’s a Cool Cool Christmas.
Man I love these guys.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, etc. to everybody!

It’s Grandaddy Time

Want to put a little charge in your day? Listen to Grandaddy‘s version of Best of All Possible Worlds. It was written by Kris Kristofferson and released on his debut album back in 1970.

If you haven’t heard of Grandaddy, I’ll be posting some more of their stuff soon. “Solar powered space pop” is how their All Music bio starts. This song is a pretty straight ahead country rocker that’ll put a smile and sneer on your face. Enjoy. Oh and of course, see Grandaddy’s site here.

It’s Worth a Try

Well, let’s have a go at it, shall we? As I immerse myself more and more into the endless world of internet blogs (music blogs in particular), I find myself itching to join the game. This is going to be trial and error, but I think it’s worth a shot. I am creating IckMusic out of my pure and unadulterated, compulsive and passionate love of music. I love traveling from blog to blog and discovering tunes, and reading other’s interpretations of songs, and, though I am by no means as eloquent as those I’ve seen, I figure it’s time for me to try. So, from my little corner of the world outside of Phoenix, Arizona, here you go…

Let me cut to the chase and put something out there. I just saw Calexico open for Wilco a few weeks ago, and was very impressed. Trumpets, a stand-up bass player, pedal steel, guitars… I’ve heard them referred to as Spaghetti Southwestern. Very cool stuff. From Tucson, Arizona, I give you… Calexico.

Calexico – Quattro

Calexico’s Web Site