Citizen Cope: More than it Seems


This tune is kicking me in the pants right now. Citizen Cope has that satisfying blend of soul and a rootsy acoustic vibe that I’m enjoying more and more with each listen. “More Than It Seems” just plain grooves, in a slow, pleading sort of way.

Memphis born, and reared in Texas and Washington DC, Cope now calls Brooklyn home. His third official release, Every Waking Moment, was just released on September 12th. Like many folks, “Sideways”, a Cope tune that Carlos Santana chose for his Shaman album a few years ago, first turned me on to the man. But whether you’ve heard of Citizen Cope or not, listen to this tune, and watch the video below. Like me, you may itch to hear more…

Citizen Cope: More Than It Seems (mp3) – from his Sept. 12th release, Every Waking Moment

Nice little vignette of Cope tunes and interview clips (in WMP high bandwidth)…..

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: Official | MySpace | eCard

Lovin Him Was Easier – Rosanne sings Kris

rosanne cash

‘Tis a good thing to hear a well written, beautifully sung song. The words of Kris Kristofferson and the voice of Rosanne Cash come together quite nicely in “Lovin’ Him Was Easier (Than Anything I’ll Ever Do Again)”. The song (“Lovin’ HER” was the original) first appeared on Kristofferson’s 1971 album The Silver Tongued Devil & I, and has since been covered by the likes of Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Bobby Bare, and even Tina Turner.

Just a nice song that’s prompted me to pick up this tribute to Kristofferson.

Rosanne Cash: Lovin’ Him Was Easier (Than Anything I’ll Ever Do Again) [mp3]

Buy The Pilgrim: A Celebration of Kris Kristofferson


Buy Rosanne Cash’s new album:

black cadillac

Tattoo You Side 2

tattoo you

I had a nice “terrestrial radio” moment today. Since I signed up for Sirius Satellite Radio almost a year and a half ago, my non-satellite radio moments are pretty much limited to the parking garage at work (because I lose my signal). So it was a nice surprise when I turned on Phoenix station KDKB (tag line: “Everything that Rocks”), just when they fired up side 2 of the Stones’ Tattoo You uninterrupted. It was perfect: “Worried About You” started when I turned on my car; “Tops”, “Heaven”, “Ain’t No Use in Crying” took me all the way to the freeway exit, and “Waiting on a Friend” finished when I was pulling into my neighborhood. Magic I tell you.

This was the album that was out when the Stones entered my consciousness in 1981, thanks to my older brother. It wasn’t until a few years later that I began to unearth the wonder found in the Stones catalog. What a musical discovery: Tattoo You, Exile on Main Street, Sticky Fingers, the two Hot Rocks albums, It’s Only Rock and Roll, Black and Blue, Some Girls, Emotional Rescue, Beggars Banquet. Those albums were my introduction to the Stones.

Hearing side two of Tattoo You reminded me about the timeless quality of their music. People can joke all they want about the sixty something Stones touring today, but the fact is their music is as fresh and relevant as ever.

Side one of Tattoo You gives you the driving rock of “Start Me Up”, “Hang Fire”, and “Little T&A”. But when side two hits, it’s time to mellow out, sit back, and take in some down tempo classics from the Glimmer Twins.

Just like I discovered the music of the Stones in my mid teens, so too will countless teenagers today. Never close yourself off from the great music of the past based solely on today’s stereotypes. There would be no Killers, Strokes, Hives and all the other darlings of today’s music scene without the Rolling Stones.

And as far as the perfect tune to listen to after breaking it off with your sweetie, you don’t get any better than “Waiting on a Friend”… “Dont need a whore / dont need no booze / Dont need a virgin priest / But I need someone I can cry to / I need someone to protect…”. And a Sonny Rollins saxophone solo to boot? Sheesh….

The Rolling Stones: Tops (mp3) | Waiting on a Friend (mp3)

And here’s the Video for “Worried About You”….

Pete Droge, Part 2


I like it when this happens. You know when you hear a great song for the first time, a tune that just connects with you? Where you have the innate ability to know that you’ll be listening to the song 5-10-15 years down the road? And for me, in this digital world, the kind of song that goes straight to the CD burner so you can carry it around with you, listen in the car, etc?

I found that song of the moment yesterday. “Things Will Change and Go My Way”. Pete Droge. Song 6 on 2003’s Skywatching. Great tune, and a great album, and I can tell you this after owning the album for just over 24 hours.

I’ll be reviewing Pete’s new album, Under the Waves, very soon. For now, travel back 3 years in time and put your ears to this gem.

Pete Droge: Things Will Change and Go My Way (mp3) – buy Skywatching on eMusic, the United Musicians store, or from his web site.

Check out Pete Droge


Thanks in part to a friendship with Mike McReady of Pearl Jam, Pete Droge secured a contract with American Records in the early 90’s, and released a fantastic album called ‘Necktie Second’ in 1994. The single that really caught my attention back then was “Sunspot Stopwatch”. With clever lyrics, and obviously influenced by Bob Dylan and Tom Petty, the tune sucked me in to Mr. Droge’s world, and led me to the debut album, which is great from start to finish.

The song that made the biggest impact, “If You Don’t Love Me (I’ll Kill Myself)”, was featured on the soundtrack to Dumb and Dumber (YouTube clip). It’s pretty much the most electric and uptempo song of the album. But it’s the more relaxed, acoustically oriented tracks that are my favorites: “Faith in You”, “Fourth of July”, “Hardest Thing to Do”. The album is produced by Pearl Jam buddy and producer extraordinaire Brendan O’Brien, who also produced Springsteen’s ‘The Rising’ (always a Boss connection!), and Soundgarden and Neil Young and Stone Temple Pilots and on and on.

Droge just released his fifth album, Under the Waves, last Tuesday. You can hear the album streaming on his web site or his Myspace page. I just picked up his fourth album, Skywatching, on eMusic, and am listening to it right now, and digging it immensely.

So take a listen to this great tune from Droge’s debut, and show the fella some love by checking out his links below.

Pete Droge: Sunspot Stopwatch (mp3) – from Necktie Second.

Pete Droge Links
: His Very Well Done Official Site | and everyone has to have their MySpace (except me! I will not succumb!)

Jerry Joseph’s Panama


Here’s one that’s quickly shaping up to be my favorite tune of the summer (right along side “Pay Me My Money Down”, which is undoubtedly my family song of the summer). Yeah I know, summer officially began on June 21st, but living in a place where it’s been over a hundred degrees for a month straight, summer kicks off a little early around here. When I walk outside in these sweet Arizona summer months, it often feels like Satan himself is holding a bus-sized blow dryer over my head, but hey, it’s still home, right? It’s not a complaint, just a fact. It’s worth living here for October through May.

The song comes to us courtesy of Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons. A previous post of mine featured “Climb to Safety”, a long, powerful jam with lyrics about the struggle of overcoming addiction. “Panama”, on the other hand, has a nice groove, a funky little guitar riff, and a definite summertime feel to it. I’ve got most of the lyrics pinned down (I can’t find them online, so I resorted to pen, paper, and a sensitive ear). Who can help me fill in the gaps?

At least you’re tryin’
everybody else down here keep buyin’
whatever’s at the going rate today
always gotta be about the chase.

Well my friend Spike
so sorry but it _________
put it on the table here today
So it’s gonna have to be okay.

In Panama, Panama
In Panama, Yeah
It’s gonna have to be okay
Baby gonna give it all away.

At least you’re thinkin’
everybody else here just keeps sinkin’
sinking in a wave of regret
and I don’t think the _______ is sinkin’ yet. [fin?]

In the dancing hall
Samy and Sandra Sandoval
a finger on the heartbeat of it all
_________ [spanish]

In Panama, Panama
In Panama, Yeah Yeah
Gonna have to be okay
Yeah they’re gonna love you more each day.

And then the question come up
are we wasting our time?
Is this the presence of God
or a presence of mind?

In Panama, Panama
In Panama, Yeah
Gonna have to be okay
gonna love you more each day.

Hangin’ over
Over and a hangin’ for a party [?]
Flying season’s getting started
You take it on a wing and get away.

And at least you’re flyin’
when everybody else down here just lyin’
What you gotta love about the crocodile
at least they gonna kill you with a smile.

In Panama, Panama
In Panama, Yeah
It’s gonna have to be okay
Yeah we’re gonna give it all away.

In Panama, Panama
In Panama, Yeah
gonna have to be okay
Yeah they’re gonna love you anyway.

Can you figure out who the character in the song might be? From the bridge lyrics (“and then the question come up…”), it sounds like it might be from the perspective of a missionary. Jerry Joseph spent time living in both Utah and Central America, so this makes sense. And these lyrics: “What you gotta love about the crocodile, at least they gonna kill you with a smile.” Do lyrics get any cooler than this?

Top to bottom, this is just a great song. I figure some people out there will enjoy it as much as I do.

Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons: Panama (mp3) – from ‘Into the Lovely’ [Buy on eMusic | Amazon]

  • A page about Into the Lovely on Jerry & the Jackmormon’s Official Site.

The Sweet Voice of Jimmie Dale Gilmore


Man, after my recent spate of posting entire shows, it feels funny to focus on one song again. This has to be posted though. You all know how it is having a song stuck in your head. You fathers and mothers out there know what it’s like to wake up in the middle of the night with “Wags the Dog, He Likes to Tango” from the Wiggles, or the Blues Clues Theme song, or “I’m Hungry, I’m Hungry” from Breakfast with Bear. So it’s always welcome relief when it’s a good song that you actually like that’s stuck in your head. For the last couple days, it’s been this Jimmie Dale Gilmore song rolling around in my head.

I would consider Jimmie Dale Gilmore an acquired taste. His singing voice can best be described as a tremolo-filled Texas warble. He can take some getting used to. But hearing this song drew me in the first time. It’s a bittersweet acoustic masterpiece with a tale of love lost.

I have my old friend Mark to thank for putting this on a mix tape long ago (along with my first taste of Townes Van Zandt and Uncle Tupelo). These days, Mark runs a great cafe near Green Bay, Wisconsin, where he hosts some great jazz musicians and roasts his own coffee. I would recommend checking out Luna Cafe, and buying some of his coffee online. Just try it once, and you’ll come back for more, I guarantee you.

Jimmie Dale Gilmore:
Tonight I Thing I’m Gonna Go Downtown (mp3) – from After Awhile

Book em Danno

Here is an absolutely bizarre post I found on Boing Boing… wow, wonderful use of the University of Colorado’s law enforcement agency…. damn pot smokers!

Doug says: “Every year on 4/20, students and residents gather on Farrand Field at CU Boulder to defy the authorities and smoke marijuana publicly. This year, the University of Boulder Police Department fought back by taking pictures of as many participants as possible. They have a website with photos up, offering an $50 reward to anyone who positively identifies someone who was photographed. Nothing about what the authorities plan to do with the information is posted. Scary.”

Scary and downright mystifying indeed…..

Link to the CU Boulder Police web site

This song has nothing to do with the subject matter at hand, but it sounded awfully good this morning when it randomly materialized…….

Kings of Convenience
: Gold for the Price of Silver (mp3) – from Versus

Welcome to my World

Well, it’s been a good week. My second daughter was born into this world yesterday morning, right into my waiting hands. Words can’t describe it, my friends. The miracle of birth makes skeptics like me into believers. I only wish the world I’ve brought my daughters into was a very different place.

The music that is a natural accompaniment to great moments like these is the music of Bruce Cockburn. Since I discovered his vast catalog of music in the early 90’s, I have turned to Bruce’s music when I want peace, calm, inspiration, and gentle reason.

Here are a couple from my favorite Bruce album, 1979’s Dancing in the Dragon’s Jaws.

Bruce Cockburn: Creation Dream (mp3) | Hills of Morning (mp3)

And it goes without saying that one of the first recorded human voices my daughter will hear is Elvis Presley’s.

Elvis Presley: Welcome to my World (mp3) – from Aloha from Hawaii


Other Bruce News: For you Sirius Satellite Radio subscribers, check out an exclusive interview with the Boss this Sunday. Details are here. An interesting note in this press release regarding the upcoming tour:

Each night, an all new evening of gospel, folk, and blues will be presented by Springsteen with the 17-member Seeger Sessions Band.

Marvin’s Temple and Shrine


If you listened to AAA radio in the mid 90’s here in the U.S., you probably heard this tune by Marvin Etzioni.

Etzioni released three solo albums under the name ‘Marvin’ after leaving Lone Justice. He was one of the founding members and the bass player. Since then, he’s produced albums by Toad the Wet Sprocket, Sam Philips, and Peter Case (among others), and done a lot of session work (his All Music bio is here).

I’ve always liked this tune. It’s a simple, sweet love song: “If you were mine, I would treat you like a temple and shrine.”

Marvin: Temple & Shrine (mp3) – from Weapons of the Spirit (1994)