Old School Friday: Lisa Lisa!

It would be interesting to investigate the history of Old School Friday, and how often it correlates directly with an after work happy hour. I’m pretty sure the former has always been accompanied by the latter. So who am I to mess with destiny?

Tonight, we forget about Britney Spears and her paparazzi boy toy; we forget about Huckabees and Romneys and O’Reillys; we forget about the fact that I live in a country where Howie Mandel and Jeff Foxworthy have hit prime time game shows in the year 2008. Yes, my friends , we go back to a simpler time…

Lisa Velez was a latina teenager from the Hell’s Kitchen area of Manhattan when she was introduced to the strapping young lads from Full Force: Paul Anthony, Bow-Legged Lou, Shy Shy and friends. When they heard her sing, they dubbed her Lisa Lisa, and put her together with a roadie from Full Force (Mike Hughes) and a friend, Alex “Spanador” Moseley (is there a better nickname than Spanador? I think not).

Full Force produced Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam’s first hit single, “I Wonder If I Take You Home”, which became a pop and R&B hit during the summer of 1985. They would go on to have success with singles like “Can You Feel the Beat”, “All Cried Out”, and “Lost in Emotion”.

Checking out Lisa Lisa’ web sites tonight, it looks like she’s still going strong, doing some singing and acting, and even planning a tour in 2008.

And she still looks great – holy crap I feel 15 again!


Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam (w/ Full Force) – I Wonder If I Take You Home (mp3)


Full Force – Old Flames Never Die (mp3)



Video: “Can You Feel the Beat”

Video: “Lost in Emotion”

Old School Friday

Tomorrow, I will try my luck on Ticketmaster.com for some decent seats to see the Boss at the L.A. Sports Arena on October 29th. Did you see him on the Today show Friday morning? My original idea was to record it and get to work on time, but “The Promised Land” pulled me in, and Plan B was swiftly put into action (stare intently at the TV screen for the next 35 minutes or so, then walk late into work like I own the place). Check out some Today action here (thanks Krup for the link).

Naturally, this segues effortlessly into an Old School Friday, featuring our friend Georgio. Where is Georgio these days? He directed and appeared in a movie with Coolio: 2003’s Tapped Out (oh, don’t make me Netflix it, I will). I had to share this review snippet from Netflix:

“I applaud Giorgio’s effort in getting this movie completed. The plot is as loose as a $10 hooker on Figueroa. The beginning scene of the movie has virtually nothing to do with the rest of the flick. Lots of good eye candy in the soft porn scenes though! I give Georgio 5 stars for the supporting females casting.”

Consider it Netflixed.

GeorgioSex Appeal (mp3)

Buy Sex Appeal.

Old School Friday

Well I’m back from a little family vay-kay to the beaches of San Diego, and the crowded, expensive, but still fun destinations of $eaworld and Di$neyland. We happened to be at Disneyland to experience the phenomenon that is Disney’s High School Musical. The premiere of High School Musical 2 took place on Tuesday while we were there. Before the premiere, the kids from HSM rode in a little cavalcade through Disneyland. I’ll have you know that Vanessa Hudgens totally looked right into my camera as she rode by with Ashley Tisdale. See?

I assured my wife that there was nothing between us, that she just had an innocent crush on this studly 37 year old father of 2 from Arizona. “Some things I just can’t control, babe” I coyly remarked. After the ladies came the latest cover subject of Rolling Stone, Zac Efron.

I also assured Zac that nothing was going on between me and Vanessa, ’cause she’s like totally his girlfriend in real life and stuff.

So is that a great segue into another installment of Old School Friday or what? Sometimes, we all just need a little Midnight Star, don’t we?

Midnight StarFreakazoid (mp3)

Midnight StarNo Parking on the Dance Floor (mp3)

Buy No Parking on the Dance Floor.

Rockberry Jam

You’re just gonna have to indulge me a bit here, as I rifle through my hundreds of albums and cassettes, and get nostalgic about the music of yesteryear. I’m not sure if the words “Where the hell is my Georgio album?” have ever been uttered before, but they were last night! Don’t worry, I’ll track it down.

But another 80’s gem I uncovered last night was the L.A. Dream Team‘s 1986 album (okay, tape), Kings of the West Coast. Rudy Pardee and Chris Wilson were an L.A. area duo who were one of the first to marry up electronic music with rapping. Others around that era were the Egyptian Lover and World Class Wreckin’ Cru (Dr. Dre was a member).

One of my favorites from the album is this side two standout track featuring the smooth and sultry “Miss Rockberry”.

L.A. Dream TeamRockberry Jam (mp3)

Buy Kings of the West Coast (OOP, but available used)

De La Soul – Say No Go

It’s a quick random flashback to the spring of 1989, where hours were spent entertaining friends in my dorm room with this album. A stroke of genius it was (and is). Here’s my favorite cut, complete with samples of Hall & Oates’ “I Can’t Go For That”…

De La SoulSay No Go (mp3)

Buy 3 Feet High and Rising (I guess the album is out of print, as the only copies that Amazon offers up are $30 imports. What’s up with that??)

Old School Friday

Diddy Stares at Jessica Biel's Gozangas

I’m not going to knock Diddy for this one. If I was standing next to Jessica Biel, I’d probably gaze at her golden globes too. Well done Diddy! What a great segue into another Old School Friday!

Schoolly D

Schooly D: Am I Black Enough for You? (mp3) – from 1989’s album of the same name, this was Schoolly D’s fourth release. With songs like “Black”, “Black Is…”, “Education of a Black Man”, “Black Education”, “Black Jesus”, and “Black Power”, um, yeah, I’d call it afrocentric.

Slick Rick

Slick Rick: The Moment I Feared (mp3) – Ricky Walters, aka Slick Rick, left Doug E. Fresh and the Get Fresh Crew in the late 80’s to embark on a very successful solo career (even with a two year prison term in the midst of it all). This one comes from his 89 debut, The Great Adventures of Slick Rick.


Whistle: Barbara’s Bedroom (mp3) – Who remembers Whistle? “We’re Only Buggin”, anyone? This album was on regular rotation in, what 86, 87, I think?

Thursday Variety Hour

til tuesday

WordPress, the blogging software behind this blog, has a cool feature that snatches comment spam and tucks it away so I can delete it. I have a question. Who are the people that spend their days creating this stuff?? What low-life wastes of space get up in the morning and look forward to a day of carpet bombing the internet with this trash?


What the hell is hentaipowerpuff?? On second thought, I don’t wanna know. It just mystifies me that there are people that do this. Obviously $$$ is the driving force, but holy cow, what a way to make it.

Thank you. I guess I needed to get that off my chest.

So before I post another Springsteen tour update, I thought I’d spice it up a little. These songs have absolutely nothing to do with eachother. Or do they? I guess, like the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon, that it wouldn’t take too many steps to connect them up. Hmm, Til Tuesday, Billy Bragg & Wilco, and Boogie Down Productions. Maybe they all played the same festival in Finland one year. Entirely possible.

Boogie Down Productions: Criminal Minded (mp3) – from Live Hardcore Worldwide.

Til Tuesday: Coming Up Close (mp3) – from Welcome Home.

Billy Bragg & Wilco: Walt Whitman’s Niece (mp3) – from Mermaid Avenue.

Oh, and here’s a YouTube link to a 4 year old banging away on the drums like a pro.

Paris Paris go Away

This may be the most disturbing and yet most transfixing video of all time. Paris Hilton strips down to her skivvies and sings a very-“uhh” horrible-“uhh” version of “Happy Birthday-uhhh” to Viagra poster boy Hugh Hefner on his 80th birthday…..

Paris, you’re pretty and all, but just go away, will ya? Your 15 – no 45 – minutes was up a couple years ago. Be gone-uhhh!!

Video of Paris Hilton singing Happy Birthday. (from the Superficial)

Run-DMC: Dumb Girl (mp3) – from Raising Hell

Whodini: I’m a Ho (mp3) – from Back in Black