What do you get when you cross Elvis and Bob Marley?

No, it’s not fried peanut butter & ganja sandwiches, it’s this ‘mash-up’ of Elvis’ “Crying in the Chapel” over the rrrrasta beat of Bob’s “Satisfy My Soul.”The great music blog The Suburbs Are Killing Us writes:

“Fuckin’ love song here, son.”
That’s what the King says at the end of what must be a modern mashup of ol’ Elvis croonin’ the Orioles’ 1953 hit “Crying in the Chapel” over the Wailers’ “Satisfy My Soul.” If there’s one thing that Elvis knows more than love, son, it’s Rasta biznezz. And snacks.

The tune came out on a limited edition 7-inch last year, with Presley’s “In the Ghetto” vox laid over “Taurus Song” by Sound Dimension on the flip.

Elvis Presley & the Wailers – Crying in the Chapel (mp3)- bootleg 7-inch, 2004

Van the Man

Last Sunday morning my wife asked to hear some Van Morrison, so, I kindly obliged by queuing up the best of Van’s more spiritual offerings, “Hymns to the Silence.” Now, for the uninitiated, this is not the young, stoned, romantic Van of hit-making days and his still fresh sounding “Moondance” era. This is Van the Preacher Man in all of his enlightened glory. He is older, wiser, and has a more seasoned approach to life, but still not quite mainstream and always ready to lash out at the hand that feeds him. Anyway, this song, “See Me Through, Part 2 (Just a Closer Walk With Thee)” is an incredible surprise to anyone who has not heart it. It starts out gentle enough with the standard organ giving it that proper church feel befitting of an old gospel classic, but wait…. on the second bridge, Van begins speaking…. about the past and what has sustained him through the years (hence the See Me Through title)… and he builds to a feverish pitch that never fails to send goosebumps to run all up and down my spine. It is thrilling and very inspirational to hear… you won’t believe it…. it is the most impassioned recitation in a recorded piece of music I have ever heard. And there is a message to it, it gets in your head and bounces around until you’re ready to stand and shout, “Preach it Van, I hear ya, preach it brother.” Previous, Previous, Previous…. Sit back and take a listen and prepare to be moved….

Van Morrison – See Me Through, Part 2 (Just a Closer Walk With Thee)
(wma) – from ‘Hymns to the Silence’, 1991, Polydor – {Amazon.com}

A Psychobilly 2 for Tuesday

About 10 years ago, my friends and I would frequent this cool bar in Tempe, AZ, that went by the name of 6 East, or “the Beast”. They had probably the best, most diverse jukebox I’ve ever happened across in a bar.

So I’m in there putting back a couple one night, and I hear this strange sound emanating from the speakers. Loud, aggressive, hip, twangy, just downright strange. I had just been introduced to the Reverend Horton Heat. The song was “I’m Mad”. I marched right out the next day and picked up the CD, “Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em”. And I soon discovered that the Rev is a slave to the road, so I’ve had the chance to see him, Jimbo (standup bass), and their drummer multiple times over the years. If you want a high energy, soul-cleansing psychobilly experience, go see the Rev live.

Here’s a couple from the Rev:

See the Reverend Horton Heat Official Web Site
Buy the Rev’s music on Amazon
Find out the Rev is coming to your town

Calling Elvis, is Anybody Home

 I came across this great web site / music magazine called Glide Magazine. They offer free downloads of entire shows. Their latest selection is the mighty Mark Knopfler and his great band live in Hamburg, Germany from 2001.

The opener of the show? “Calling Elvis”, of course. Check the link below to download any or all tracks from the show. Great quality, superb musicianship. This one’s already in my car cd player after discovering it last night.

Mark Knopfler Live in Hamburg 2001

YouTube playlist of the show.


the brilliant guitarist nels cline is a current member of wilco and is an interesting link back to the great band- minutemen. jeff tweedy penned a great tune on the uncle tupelo album, still feel gone, entitled d boon- who was the leader of the minutemen, along with bassist mike watt and drummer george hurley. tweedy’s love of the minutemen must have led him to follow the career of mike watt after d boon died in a car crash in the mid-eighties. watt was lucky enough to have nels cline in his group for a time in the nineties- in the studio and on tour. now- nels cline is in wilco and he serves as a reminder of the power of d boon. get any minutemen album you can and you’ll understand.

I’ll be your sure thing…

Here’s a 2 minute pop masterpiece by a band out of south Philadelphia who call themselves Marah. They caught my attention a few years ago when they released Kids in Philly, an album chock full of powerful lyrics and imagery, and bare bones rock n roll. They sort of went off the deep end with their next release (Float Away with the Friday Night Gods), but holy $#%@#, they are back this year with 20,000 Streets Under the Sky, one of my favorite albums of 2004 (Yeah, I’m 34 years old, and I will call them albums for the rest of my life!).

Marah – Sure Thing