Going South

Today’s selection comes from a an old friend of mine (and a contributor to this site), Ty. After many extended stays in Brazil, he decided to start up a band in the Denver area to try and recreate the Brazilian sound in the Denver/Boulder music scene. If you’re in the Denver area, check out Sambadende.

Ty made a bunch of great Brazilian mix CD’s for me. One of the cuts is this great Sergio Mendes track, “Magalenha”. You’ll see why I like it, precisely at the 0:44 second mark, when the percussion explodes. Turn it up and clear out the area around you. If you have a soul, you will be moved….

Sergio Mendes – Magalenha (mp3) – from ‘Brasileiro’, 1992, Elektra – {Buy it on Amazon}

Shake it with Awilo

My wife was born in Kenya and grew up in Seychelles. Me? I was born in the very exotic setting of Racine, Wisconsin. Since I met her a few years ago, I’ve been introduced to a lot of great music from that part of our planet. Among them is this tune, Coupé Bibamba, from Congolese singer Awilo Longomba. Awilo will get the heads bobbing on the fellas and the booties shakin’ on the ladies. If you’re wondering how this music would be categorized, it’s called Soukous.

Awilo Longomba – Coupé Bibamba (mp3) Jimmy Records, 2001 – {Amazon}

Ohhhh Carolina

Well the beauty of music is there’s always something new to hear, regardless of how long the music has been around. I was perusing one of my regular blog spots, The Suburbs are Killing Us, early this morning, and came across the energizing, booty shakin’, get the day/month/year started right type o’ tune: “Oh Carolina” by Shaggy.

Most folks know Shaggy by his huge hit “Boombastic” from 1995, or 2000’s “It Wasn’t Me”. But his 1993 debut album, ‘Pure Pleasure’, yielded “Oh Carolina”, a tune originally done by the Folkes Brothers in 1961. The first few seconds of the track is sampled directly from the original, then yer off on a wild Shaggy ride. Enjoy….

Shaggy – Oh Carolina (mp3)

Explore & Buy Shaggy’s Music

Bata Ketu

Bata Ketu by Michael Spiro and Mark Lamson

A beautiful CD and a great introduction to Orisha music from Cuba and Brazil. Another CD that is probably not for everyone, but it’s very well produced, very interesting, beautiful percussion and singing. The songs jump back and forth between Cuban Orisha rhythms and Brazilian Orixa rhythms (you don’t have to know anything about either one to be able to tell where this happens). Orixa songs are from the Yoruban religions that came over from Nigeria to the new world (Santeria, Candomble,etc), and the songs are very powerful and seductive. The Brazilian batucada in the last track is slamming, track 4 is my favorite when the full samba-reggae groove comes in towards the end of the song. That one gets me every time. Check it out.

Kuru Kuru Reggae/Apanije-Kota/Rum

Iyesa/Water vs. Metal/Sambo/A�a Ilu

New Ancient Strings by Toumani Diabate

This is a CD that you may not be familiar with, but is a favorite of mine. It’s one of those CD’s that when it reaches the end, most often, I want to hit play again. Highly recommended for relaxing, something mellow. Diabate comes from a long line of Griots who are highly respected in Mali culture not only for their music but also because their songs pass along their spoken history. The kora, a 21-string instrument, is incredible to hear and to watch being played.

Listening to this CD I can imagine the arid Saharan landscape and many of the songs seem like journeys where you lose sense of time and place. If you want to check out something from Africa, this is a great place to start. It’s a CD that you’ll find yourself listening to often.

Check it out on Amazon