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  • fergie2121@yahoo,com

    Hi, My name is Steve Ferguson. I have been trying to reach Dan’s brother Pete for years now. We are friends from an art camp we attended together in 1965. Can you help me please? He can reach me at

  • JoeG

    I was trying to enter the Dead contest but I’m not sure if my comment went through so I thought I’d send it here as well (hope you don’t mind).  I saw the Dead back when, and I mean WHEN. My first two shows, I believe, were at the Fillmore East in NY and the Berkeley Community Theater in CA. I was on the first row in Berkeley (sitting in Marmaduke’s seat, as it turned out – didn’t know it at the time since the New Riders were the opening act) and I took some photos. I’ll see if I can attach one (there are a few).  P.S. Although I was at Woodstock I didn’t see the Dead then as I ended up having to leave early. 

    JoeG (

  • Robert Bickford

    Where is the festival held? I need a weekend of music and fun.

  • Julie

    hey Pete NPR is streaming some of The Promise