Video: Steve Earle at Amoeba Records

I knew I subscribed to Amoeba’s video RSS feed for a reason! Once in a while, they post a gem. Case in point today: Steve Earle.

Here’s Steve’s 45 minute in-store performance from back in May. But be sure to check out the insightful 13 minute interview too, where he discusses his early years as a Nashville songwriter, his former drug habit, The Wire, Radiohead’s refusal to play “Creep”, and even Telluride, Colorado.

In the words of Steve: Telluride is “too high to support intelligent life. I’ve seen that proven over and over and over again.” Good thing my folks only live there five months out of the year!

In-Store Set List:

Rex’s Blues (Townes Van Zandt)
Fort Worth Blues
Pancho & Lefty (TVZ)
Brand New Companion (TVZ)
Rich Man’s War
Lungs (TVZ)
Copperhead Road

Dr. Dog Live at Amoeba Records

I got turned on to these guys through a local band here in Arizona, What Laura Says. I was at their CD release party over the summer and heard a Dr.Dog tune on the PA before the show. I pulled out my iPhone, opened Shazam (sweet #&$ app!), and it brought back “The Old Days”. So since then, I’ve bought Fate and We All Belong.

They have a very cool retro, psychedelic, wild sound. Check out this in-store performance at Amoeba Records in Hollywood…