Old School Friday

My geeky music life just got geekier. You know the new iPhone came out today. Well, those of us with “old” iPhone get the 2.0 upgrade gratis, which includes the App Store – which includes a ton of free apps made exclusively for iPhone. The coolest, in my humble opinion? Remote!

By downloading the free Remote app, I can now control my iTunes from anywhere in the house. I’ve had the Airport Express, which lets me stream my iTunes to any stereo inside or outside my house. So how does Remote enhance the experience? It means when I’m out washing my car in the driveway, and Manilow’s “Mandy” comes blasting through the speakers, I can coyly hit the “Next” button.


But that was now and this was then…

George Clinton – “Do Fries Go With That Shake?”

The System – “Don’t Disturb This Groove”

Beastie Boys – “Hey Ladies

Ickmusic’s Friday Five: April 25, 2008

It's A Bit Of A Shuffle.

While I’m doing my best Tim Allen impression (the TV version, not the reality version) I’m again going to have to phone in the very late edition of the Friday Five.

As I had mentioned last week I’m in the midst of a home remodeling project and have had the tunes on non-stop to get me through the trying experiences of being a non-handy type being handy. That said, here’s what came up the most during the last 7 days of home ownership bliss. Last week the Fivers played along with the playlist theme and no one seemed to have a single tune with improvement in the title (yours truly included). We’ll do more themed weeks in the coming months and perhaps a guest feature or two! Due to the lack of time, this week will be an all-video edition but never fear, we’ll be back to the random MP3 format next week.

Now, on with the show!

Here are this week’s tracks:

1. Jason Mraz – I’m Yours (from We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things)

I’ve made my no secret of appreciation for Mr. A-Z, and this tune in particular happens to have a wonderful video that reminds me very much of my Honeymoon in Hawaii. This has been in heavy rotation for weeks and I think that everyone should get his new record when it comes out May 13th.

2. Beastie Boys – Shadrach (from Paul’s Boutique)

Aside from being a damn funky record, this is one of my default ‘working’ albums.

3. Rolling Stones – Paint it Black (from Forty Licks)

Apparently this is my son’s favorite song as he’s played it on his iPod 20 times in the last few weeks and so it worked it’s way into my playlists more often as well. It could be worse, he could be listening to Miley Cyrus.

4. Pearl Jam – Black (from Ten)

Another one of my default ‘working’ records. Even over 15 years later it stands as one of the best records I’ve ever heard.

5. Billy Joel – A Matter of Trust (from The Bridge)

Billy came up a whole lot this week for some reason. I don’t know why… this has always been one of my favorites.

Now it’s your turn, what’s helping keep you sane?