My Other Favorite Bruce

Every now and then, I find it imperative to spread the good word of Bruce Cockburn. So here’s a soothing, laid back ballad from the Good Man from Canada.

Bruce Cockburn (pronounced Co-burn for the uninitiated): Live On My Mind (mp3)

  • Written in Maui, January 1993
  • Bass: Rob Wasserman, Drums: Gary Craig, Vibes: Gary Burton, Keyboard: Janice Powers, Harmonies: Jonatha Brooke, Resophonic & Electric Guitar: Bruce Cockburn

I’ve Stood on the Street Corner

It’s a dreary, rainy holiday weekend here in the Arizona desert, so I’ll kick it off with something on the mellow side. For some reason or another, Bruce Cockburn – who is well known up north in his home country of Canada – has always remained somewhat of a cult figure here in the U.S. (which is fine by me). The man has been going strong for over three decades, for crying out loud.

These selections come from a Columbia Radio Hour broadcast of Christmas with Cockburn that I taped off the radio back in 1994 (eleven years ago – gasp). “One Day I Walk” has always been one of my BC favorites because of its beauty and hope. The mp3 ends with the introduction of the next song, the “Huron Carol”, so I feel obligated to include that as well. The “Huron Carol” was written by a Jesuit missionary to the Huron Indians in the 1600’s, and is sung in the Huron language. Bruce elaborates on it in the intro… I recommend downloading both of these songs, and listening to them in succession. Enjoy…

Bruce Cockburn – One Day I Walk (mp3)
Bruce Cockburn – Huron Carol (mp3)

From the 1994 Columbia Radio Hour broadcast of ‘Christmas with Cockburn’.

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