Steve Earle. Letterman. Friday.

Hey Steve Earle fans, watch Letterman tomorrow night (Friday, Sept. 5th). Steve will perform a Warren Zevon tune, “Reconsider Me”, in tribute to the late great Zevon who passed away 5 years ago (Sept. 7th, 2003).

I didn’t know it until tonight, but Earle recorded the song (hear it on YouTube) with Texas band Reckless Kelly for a 2004 tribute album, ‘Enjoy Every Sandwich: The Songs of Warren Zevon’…

I haven’t posted this one since the first couple months of this blog. It’s only my favorite Steve Earle live track everrr!

Steve Earle – Halo ‘Round the Moon (mp3)  – live in Sweden I believe?

Steve Earle performs City of Immigrants on Letterman

We’ll see how long this stays online, but in the meantime, here’s Steve with his Wire look. Any Wire watchers out there? Have Steve’s episodes began yet? And can anyone tell me if the backup singer on the right is Allison Moorer (Steve’s wife)?

Update: Um, yeah – judging by the kiss after the song, yeah, that’s Allison (I didn’t catch that the first couple times).

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