One Year of IckMusic

Today marks exactly one year since my first post to IckMusic. My enthusiasm in maintaining it has stayed pretty strong throughout the year. Sometimes I do get a bit busy (or lazy), but rarely does 3 or 4 days go by without a post. I still get a kick out of checking my web stats on, and seeing how my posts reach people all over the world. Australians, Belgians, Japanese, Argentinians, the Brits, the Spanish, the French, and the list goes on and on. Pretty cool how something I do out of my loft in the suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona reaches the far corners of the world. It IS a small world after all.

As for the mp3 downloads, I’m partly suspicious that a lot of people out there are eager to get as much free music as they can, but the idealist in me likes to think that I’m expanding people’s musical horizons. I don’t have my finger on the pulse of the latest and greatest obscure music, like a lot of music bloggers do. I just share what I like at the time, whether old or new, artists well known or not so well known.

I love Comments. Music is the most powerful medium out there, in my opinion, and it’s great to receive feedback from readers around the world, and to read how a particular song or artist affects them. Everyone has a story, so I once again encourage readers / listeners to leave Comments. It’s quick, it’s painless, and it reminds me that there are human beings out there in cyberspace.

So thanks for visiting, especially all you “return visitors”, as Statcounter calls you. Drop a comment or an email to me from time to time.

And so here is a song that exemplifies this and other music blogs. I first heard it courtesy of FluxBlog I believe, right when I discovered this sub culture, this hidden jewel of the internet, this MP3 Blog World AKA Audioblogosphere. I promptly bought their CD. That’s how it works, music industry, that’s how it works Clear Channel (blechh). Where in the hell else would I have heard this quirky, manic, infectiously groove-a-licious song?

So as IckMusic celebrates its first anniversary, I thank the other bloggers out there, and I thank Sirius Satellite Radio, both who have turned me on to some great music in the past year, and who will continue to do so.

Need New Body: Show Me Your Heart (mp3) – buy the CD, ‘UFO’


  • Kathy B

    Of course I’m interested in picking up as much free music as possible, but I’ve also purchased a number of CDs based on what I’ve heard on the site. Mary Gauthier comes to mind (now I have to go through the archives and see exactly what else came from your recommendations). Thank you so much.

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