Steve Earle Album Cover and Letterman Appearance

A week before the Boss drops his Magic on us, Steve Earle’s new album, Washington Square Serenade, will be released (Sept. 25th).

Steve will be appearing on Letterman Thursday night (Aug. 23rd) to perform “City of Immigrants” from the new record. Look for some YouTube action here soon after. [UPDATE: Video is here.]

Preorder Washington Square Serenade.

You can hear “City of Immigrants” over on Steve’s new MySpace page.


  • Casey

    Thanks for the Steve Earle tip on Letterman tonight. I set my recorder…hope the football game doesn’t mess it up.
    Love Earle’s stuff…just wish he would abandon his album cover “quilt” look. So hard to distinguish from one to another at times.

  • jazzmaster

    Nice performance on Letterman last nigh, but seriously, Steve… The hair?

    😛 This guy needs to face the facts ~ It’s OK to be bald!!!

  • Pete

    LOL Jazz – I thought that when I saw a pic of him at the Springsteen tribute a few months ago. But it’s all in the name of art. It’s for a role on HBO’s The Wire.

    I think one of the backup singers last night was his wife Alison Moorer….what a contrast…

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