Wednesday is Prince Spaghetti Day!

Do You Eat The Prince Last?

Is it merely coincidence that today is also the day that was selected to announce that His Royal Badness will be joining the (frankly) lackluster line up of this year’s Coachella Festival? Don’t get me wrong, I’d be stoked to spend a day baking in the middle of the desert but I don’t see shelling out the coin to travel across the country. That said, when will Prince finally put aside his hatred of the East Coast long enough to return for a show or two?


  • Pete

    Oh my… I just got back from a California trip to see Bruce. And now you’re telling me I need to drive 4 hours to Indio to see Prince @ Coachella in less than 3 weeks?? Oh boy – how do I approach the wife on this one…

  • Pete

    Hmm, I can think of some better (and cheaper) ideas from Prince songs. Something from the Dirty Mind album comes to mind. And it ain’t Sister!

  • bagan

    … would love to be at the Coachella Festival … and would not mind the hits; but it’s such a long flight. Why don’t you guys come over to Europe for one of the still speculated summer shows (… me still waiting for Milano or Paris). See you there …

    Cheers; Marco (bagan)

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