Teddy’s Summertime Jams

Folks, I am back from a nice long week in the mountains of Colorado, I am refreshed, and I am inspired to blast out some quality posts for you.

First up, the good folks at Shore Fire have offered up this mp3 from Teddy Thompson’s great new record, A Piece of What You Need. The album is full of smart, catchy melodies – some of them are so well written & arranged, they seem instantly familiar. Do me a favor, after listening to the tune below, go to Teddy’s MySpace page and listen to “Don’t Know What I Was Thinking”, another of my favorites from the album.

Both of these songs have a special quality that only a very talented songwriter can conjure up: one that makes the listener want to sing along, even during the first listen. Both songs connect on some sensory level that make them recognizable – and somehow perfect for the season – inspired, beaming with light, and full of possibility.

Teddy ThompsonIn My Arms (mp3)

Buy A Piece of What You Need…

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