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Ick’s Pick: Gina Villalobos

Okay, as the story goes around here, it’s not too often that I gravitate toward female singers – but I do have my favorites: the Patty Griffins and the Lucindas, and some good finds the last few years with artists like Mary Gauthier and Girl in a Coma (badass ladies)… and God bless her, despite all her troubles, Amy Winehouse is such an amazing talent.

We can tack another one to the list – another female singer-songwriter who will receive a permanent spot in my iTunes library: her name is Gina Villalobos.

A California native, Gina’s well known in CA’s folk / alt-country / Americana set – and she just released her 4th CD this week: Days On Their Side. Gina’s got a killer voice. She’s got the sweet tone of a Sheryl Crow, but with a sandy, relaxed disposition like Lucinda Williams. Laid back, and really pleasant to the ears.

I’m finding the album surprisingly strong – great hooks, strong, talented players, and the showcase: Gina’s sweet n’ scratchy vocals.

Standout tracks: “String It Out”, “Take a Beating”, “Crazy”, and…

Listen: Sun In My Eyes (mp3)

Buy: Days On Their Side

Visit: Official Site | MySpace | Facebook | Twitter


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