David Gray, “Fugitive”

David Gray has managed to exist just outside of my listening radar, crossing over here and there. What has always struck me is the depth of soul that he is able to breathe into every tune I’ve had the pleasure of hearing. That soul is abundant in the first single off his upcoming release Draw the Line due out September 22nd. Titled “Fugitive”, Gray says the image of Saddam Hussein being pulled out his spider hole inspired in part the lyrics for the song. The result is a striking and moving bit of singer-songwriter heaven which I’m sure will get many spins in the coming month and has me looking forward to the coming release.

For a peek behind the curtain Gray has shared this bit of film during the recording process:

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  • jazzmaster

    Very cool. Thanks for posting this. I really dig David Gray… “White Ladder” is an incredible piece of work.

    And, I loved the video (the behind-the-scenes stuff really intrigues me). I especially liked the “listen in the car” test. Mayer just mentioned today (on Twitter) that he does the same thing.

    So does Prince.

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