Willie’s Spirit

Since stumbling across it on Rdio yesterday, I’ve become quickly enamored with Willie Nelson’s Spirit album. “She Is Gone” is the only song I was really familiar with from the record. It’s a sparse, heartbreakingly gorgeous tune – one that I moped along to in the late 90’s during a breakup or two. But I had no idea it was nestled into an album of equally sparse and beautiful songs, and also no idea that the song that comes before it – the album opener and instrumental “Matador” – actually enhances the beauty of “She Is Gone”. It serves as sort of an introduction to the song – and to the album as a whole.

Spirit is a somber affair, to be sure – the theme heartbreak and loss – but oh the delicate beauty of it.

Excuse me while I jump back in…


  • judd6149

    I like this album, too. I saw you loving this one on Rdio. It’s cool to see that transpire. You added it to your collection. You made a positive comment on your profile. You blogged about it. I commented.

    This internet thingy is cool.

    Be sure to check out this set from Ol’ WIllie, Pete: “The Complete Atlantic Sessions” It is a small box of two killer albums on Atlantic: “Shotgun WIllie” & “Phases & Stages”. The killer is the 3rd disk…a live set from the Texas Oprey House. Don’t miss this. The band is on FIRE. It starts at song 46. When you listen to this, you really get the feel for how recognizable Willie’s playing style is and how he can let loose on the 6 string.

    Shotgun & Phases are cool albums. Too bad you can’t get liner notes via Rdio/online. The booklet that ocmes with this tells the tale of Willie’s Atlantic time. CONTEXT! Dammit…context is important. I remember reading the liner notes in a bar in Sydney, Australia. I bought the box and went to the bar to read the booklet. I sprinted home (ok, jogged after a handful of beers) to listen to the live disc after that.

    Context…stories…music. It’s all one thing. I can scan the notes if you want them.

    Also check out “Across the Borderline”. SImilar feel to “Spirit”…a bit more rough around the edges. He and Bob do a nice job on “Heartland”. The lead tune is good, too.

  • Chimesfreedom

    I’ve loved Spirit since its release, with its sparse instrumentation including Willie’s sister Bobbie Nelson playing piano. I know everyone raved about Teatro, which came after this one, but I’ve always had a soft spot for this overlooked CD, as well as Across the Borderline, another overlooked Willie Nelson album about loss. Thanks for reminding us about Spirit. I’m going to go listen to it again now . . .

    • Pete

      Thanks.. and get this: I haven’t listened to Teatro, Borderline, Shotgun Willie or Phases & Stages straight through before – ever. I’m goin’ in…

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