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    LIGHTS… new from M.I.A.

    I’ve said it before – a large part of the allure of M.I.A.‘s music for me lies in the physical realm. If she resembled a Sri Lankan Mugsy Bogues, I may not have become enamored with her back in the…

  • Electronic,  Hip Hop,  M.I.A.

    Kala Good

    M.I.A. I respectfully defer to Wayne when I say: “Schwingg!” Her follow up to her very successful debut, Arular, was released a couple weeks ago. It’s called Kala, and I have to say, I’m enjoying it even more than her…

  • Electronic,  M.I.A.


    The Sri Lankan beauty’s new video for “Jimmy” has Ickmusic central breaking out in a hot Bollywood sweat! Zeowie! [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9_Dk_F98cU] M.I.A.’s Official Site (if you’re prone to seizures, do not visit)

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    Mmm-mmm M.I.A.

    I’ll freely admit that a large part of what draws me to M.I.A.’s music is her looks. Her exotic Sri Lankan roots, her sexy Brit-rap, and infectious beats like this (courtesy of Diplo), make for some damn fine listening. And…