Little Lou, Ugly Jack, Prophet John [Belle and Sebastian, Norah Jones]

The latest Belle and Sebastian album crossed my radar a few weeks back, thanks to the “Recent Activity” social feature on Rdio. One of the people I follow had added it to his collection. I decided to take a listen, so *click*… and now, a few weeks later, I must have listened to it four or five times straight through.

It’s simply a great, accessible pop record. Great melodies, and just a nice overall vibe.

The album includes a song called “Little Lou, Ugly Jack, Prophet John”, with Norah Jones joining singer Stuart Murdoch. Of course, the mere mention of Norah Jones means I get to perform a thorough Google Image search. Woo hoo! Be right back.

Nice, but need something more current, right?
But I have to include this one. Stubebaker?
That's more like it. Updated Norah.

There. That was nice.

So listen to the song – a slowed down ditty about l-o-v-e just out of reach. The song appears not only on B&S‘s latest one, but also on …Featuring Norah Jones, an album of Norah’s collaborations.

Click the covers to check out the albums…

Belle and Sebastian Write About Love

…Featuring Norah Jones

9 thoughts on “Little Lou, Ugly Jack, Prophet John [Belle and Sebastian, Norah Jones]

  1. The only song I didn’t like was the I’m not living in the real world bit… Found it extremely annoying 🙁 but the rest of the cd I did enjoy thoroughly

  2. I found the album the same way you did, Pete. I was surprised I liked it so much. I am surprised because I wouldn’t have listened if it wasn’t for seeing the activity on it on Rdio…not surprised that it is this good. Melodies, accessible, vibe … all good reasons to like it. Cheers.

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