• Indie

    when black midi comes to town

    Always a treat to come across multi-talented new bands. black midi are young UK guys in their late teens / early 20’s who sound years ahead of their time. I bought this record after hearing “John L.” once and simply looking at this awesome album cover. Lots to discover here. Lots going on. “John L” is the first song on this cool KEXP At Home performance.

  • Country

    Jaime Wyatt’s Misery & Gin

    If you haven’t checked out Amoeba Records’ long running “What’s in my Bag?” series on YouTube, I recommend it. It’s easy to go down the rabbit hole watching different musicians point out their favorite records and films. The Shooter Jennings…

  • Indie

    My intro to Nicole Atkins

    Nicole Atkins has evaded me all these years, but thanks to a friend pointing me to her latest release earlier this year (Italian Ice), and the last 24 hours of deep diving into her music, I am on board. Her…

  • Indie,  Soul

    Hold Me – Oz Soul from The Teskey Brothers

    If you close your eyes and throw on The Teskey Brothers latest record, Run Home Slow, you may think you’re hearing some recently unearthed Memphis Stax soul. What you’re actually hearing is the soulful voice of Melbourne, Australia’s Josh Teskey…

  • Indie

    In Appreciation of: Honey in the Sun

    Please add me to the Tracyanne Campbell appreciation society. The Scottish lead singer/guitarist for Glaswegian Indie Pop band Camera Obscura caught my attention recently when “Honey in the Sun” rang out sweetly from my Mac speakers (hard to romanticize, ha).…

  • Jam

    Daniel Donato’s Cosmic Country

    There is some sort of magic, some mystical talent, that some songwriters possess – the ability to compose a piece of music that captures the listener just seconds into a song. If you appreciate the rock & roll, the twang…

  • Soul

    Hours on End – Citizen Cope

    I’ve slept on Citizen Cope’s music for the last bunch of years. His latest release is last year’s Heroin & Helicopters – the title coming from a conversation Cope had with Carlos Santana long ago in San Francisco. “Stay away…