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Well I’ll Be…

I’ll lose some sales and my boss won’t be happy
But I can’t stop listening to the sound
Of two soft voices blended in perfection
From the reels of this record that I’ve found

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Wow. It’s rare that a song blows me away like this. I heard “Homesick” for the first time yesterday, and I’ve just listened to it about 6 times in a row, and I plan on listening some more. And then I’ll buy the CD. Just beautiful. Sad. Melodic. Good stuff. I played it for my wife. She said, “sounds like Simon & Garfunkel”. Yeah, I guess she’s right. Again. 🙂 To those who the words “Simon & Garfunkel” might make you scroll immediately down the page, just give it a try anyway eh?

Kings of Convenience are made up of two fellows from Norway. These boys set quite a mood.

Kings of Convenience – Homesick (mp3) – from ‘Riot on an Empty Street’, 2003, Kindercore -{Amazon}
See their Offical Web Site

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  • Aubrey

    I just discovered Kings of Convenience. So amazing. Wow. You should check out their first album, “Quiet is the New Loud.” I liked it even better than “Riot on an Empty Street.” If it wasn’t for Simon and Garfunkel’s vast history…these guys would blow them out of the water with their haunting harmonies…


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