Fiona’s Extraordinary Apple Machine

The ‘leaked’ Fiona Apple album, ‘Extraordinary Machine’, has been all over the internet, but I thought I’d share one anyway. This is one talented hot young artist, and Sony / Epic has been holding off on releasing this album for more than two friggin years because they don’t think it’s commercial enough. Blecchh… What a bunch of idiots. I feel for her.

It will sound weird to some ears. But when dealing with Apple, a certain amount of confusion is a given. Brion’s ingenious orchestrations are dramatic and demented. The songs, all piano-based, focus less on conventional melodies and hooks than on creating and sustaining an overall mood suitable for a collection tantamount to hallucinogenic cabaret, pure musical absinthe ladled out by the gallon…Extraordinary Machine is nothing if not the musical manifestation of Apple’s infamously unstable psyche. – from this article

Fiona has always intrigued me by her wise-beyond- her- years voice and lyrics, her originality, and – yeah – her beauty. Hallucinogenic Cabaret….exactly.

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July Update: Not sure how long it will last, but the songs can be found here for now

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