Manu Manu

Manu Chao was born in Paris to Spanish parents in 1961. In his earlier years, he was in a rockabilly band that went by the name of Les Hot Pants (great name!). He also fronted a popular French rock band called Mano Negra. His music is hard to pin down, but you hear some reggae, pop, and lots of latin rhythms. It’s a grab bag of styles, very interesting stuff…

He’s a very politically active guy, and his bio is pretty interesting. In 92, he toured Latin America with a circus and actors, “aided and abetted by various political guerilla groups.” Anyone who can make the jump from Les Hot Pants to a circus tour funded by guerillas has to be interesting. His web site is an eyeful too.

Manu Chao: Bongo Bong (mp3)

You can listen to an entire live show (over 2 hrs long) on the Multimedia section of his site.

Buy the music of M. Chao

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