Jesse Johnson: Fast & Free

I’ve posted ol’ Jesse Johnson before, but it’s my blog and I’ll cry post if I want to. Jesse was guitarist for The Time until 1985, when he spun out into the world alone with his debut album, ‘Jesse Johnson’s Revue’. Like Prince, his 12″ maxi singles included previously unreleased B-sides. Two of them are featured here. Both encapsulate the Minneapolis sound of that era, spawned by Prince and The Time. Synths, drum machines, irresistible pop-funk.

  • Free World (mp3) is Jesse’s statement of emancipation from the tall short shadow of Prince.
  • Fast Girls (mp3) was Jesse’s contribution to Janet Jackson’s 1984 album ‘Dream Street’, which he wrote and produced (The Time’s production gurus Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis would produce Janet’s next album, ‘Control’). But Jesse also released his own version a year later on the B side of his single “I Want My Girl”.

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  • sg89

    I was actually searchin’ 4 some lyrics 2 Jesse’s songs-Free World in particular. Neways..I ordered his Ultimate Collection recently & I haven’t stopped listenin’ 2 the CD yet! His music is so cool ‘n funky, even after all these years. I’ll admit I discovered him through Prince(which I like & collect music from too). JJ’s music is just incredible the only disappointment 4 me was that the CD didn’t have the songs Heart Too Hot To Hold duet w/Stephanie Spruill & Get To Know Ya. I think those songs shoulda been on the CD I mean they were in 2 popular movies from the 80s, The Breakfast Club (1985) & Pretty In Pink (1986). Oh well probably gonna have 2 waste money on buyin’ the soundtracks just 2 get those 2 songs. All ‘n all JJ’s an incredible artist & I seen a recent vid of’im & he still gots it. I wish JJ all the best.

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