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Climbing with JJ and the Jackmormons

File this one under Power Trio. Jerry Joseph on guitar. Junior Ruppel on bass. Brad Rosen on Drums. Together they are Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons. Jerry used to front a reggae/rock band called Little Women in Boulder, Colorado through the 80’s and early 90’s. “Joseph continued to record before an oft-publicized drug addiction temporarily sidelined his career. The process of getting clean took Joseph to New York, Montana, Salt Lake City, where the Jackmormons were formed in 1996, and eventually to Portland.” [from JJ official web site]

Joseph penned this tune to describe the hell of drug addiction. It’s a 15 minute journey powered by a driving rhythm section (a great bass line in particular) and Joseph’s wicked guitar. The louder the better folks.

Check out Mouthful of Copper, the live double CD, on Amazon. Recorded live over 3 nights in Butte, Montana (from August 2002).

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