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Vanity 6 Open It Up

vanity 6

I thought we’d all jump in the time capsule back to 1983 this week, and take a listen to the “triple threat” tour, AKA Prince’s 1999 tour, also featuring the openers Vanity 6 and The Time. First up, Vanity 6.

Made up of Prince’s high school girlfriend Susan Moonsie (on the right above), Boston native Brenda Bennett (on the left), and Canadian model/actress Denise Matthews, who underwent the obligatory Prince name change to Vanity (reportedly after Prince first recommended Vagina – – classy!).

Vanity 6 wasn’t out there to impress anyone with their vocal and musical prowess, they were there to wear trashy lingerie and entertain, which they did. Backed up by The Time (on stage and on record), the music ranged from funky (Nasty Girl) to the new wave of the period (He’s So Dull).

It wasn’t long after this show that Vanity made the decision to break off from the Prince camp and go solo with a Motown record deal, as well as appearances in some quality films (The Last Dragon, anyone??, and Action Jackson, of course). Vanity’s personal life took a nose dive (no pun intended) over the coming years, as a severe cocaine addiction developed. But fear not folks, Miss Vanity found Jesus and is alive and well these days, doing her thing as Evangelist Denise Matthews.

The opening set:

Vanity 6
Long Beach, CA
March 31st, 1983
Opening for Prince on the 1999 Tour

Make Up
Wet Dream
Drive Me Wild
If A Girl Answers, Don’t Hang Up
Nasty Girl

Coming This Week: The rest of the show with The Time and Prince & the Revolution

Buy Vanity 6 (the CD’s out of print, but you can buy them used for a fee):

Vanity 6 album


  • glaeser

    Thanks for this!!!!
    I actually saw this tour in MINNEAPOLIS! One of my top Three Concerts of all time (If I can get a little High Fidelity for a moment.)

  • Thierry

    Thanks!!! I actually almost picked up a Vanity 6 record on vinyl this week, because of all this Prince talk in the last month. 🙂

  • buddha

    I am always amazed at the choice cuts i hear. There is nothing like a live perfomance by Jamie Starr and his numerous minstrels.

  • Scott


    Is there anyway you could repost this stuff? As someone that actually went to two of the “triple threat’ shows, to have any of this would be the greatest thing ever!


  • debbie

    i just love me some vanity. she’s beautiful, funny, and she can act & sing to. but to me overall she can kick ass of any bitch that get in her way. please keep up with posters, interviews, movies, & tv. i love you you, ms. denise matthews aka vanity, my favorite lady since 1982. been had all of your music, pitures, & movies ever since i first seen you on soul train with susan & brenda. i really wish ms.denise all the good health in the world. LOVE YOU A BILLON TIME, DEBBIE from new orleans

  • asankagurusinghe

    Denise Matthews is an interesting character. You seen the effect she has on grown men? Turned them into screaming girls. It’s good she’s got other things going now and is looking after other people. Wish her all the best.

  • debbie

    happy birthday ms. denise matthews, hope your holidays was fun and good like today. i hope you’ll see many, many more my dear. please stay and good health here on earth with us. i love u 4-ever my beautiful one.

  • lola

    Due to the detrimental effects on her health stemming from her use of drugs for over a decade during her days as Vanity, Matthews must now perform peritoneal dialysis at home five times a day.

  • delredd

    i hope ur well ms. denise aka vanity. i still love u after 29 years, can’t get u out of my mind. i love just lookin’ at ur old music videos/movies ur so beautiful & fione. i always wish 2 look just like u, and b u2. stay here w/us on this earth. i’ll die 4 sure if u go before. please stay i’ll always love u.

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