Marco Benevento’s Real Morning Party

My latest eMusic download is Marco Benevento’s new one, Invisible Baby. Marco is a crazy-talented keyboard-man and composer from NYC, specializing in experimental effects-laden jazz-jam. I’ve been somewhat familiar with him from his work as a member of the Benevento/Russo Duo.

It’s an adventurous album – God knows how he makes some of those sounds. I’d love to see Marco live, working all the bells and whistles on his keyboards – and that’s definitely a plural – look at that setup in the pic!

Here’s a fun one that just sounds so damn retro-good to me. And just wait until the percussion madness kicks in at 2:48. Sick! (as the kids say). . . Don’t think it’s in any way indicative of the album as a whole, ’cause it isn’t. Every tune has something fresh and new (with healthy doses of strange) to offer. A must have for musical explorers.

Marco Benevento – The Real Morning Party (mp3)




  • Cam

    Hey Pete, here’s hoping he books a date in AZ for you..

    I saw him once in the Duo with Mike Gordon sitting in at moe.down ’04, the only time I went. I was psyched to see these guys and, separately, Leo Kottke. Both were great. In fact, here is the Duo w Gordon performance – great recording job too:


    Awesome originals and great covers – Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Yes, and the obligatory Mike’s Song to close it out.

  • chris

    yea, Marco is so talented. A friend that is a duo fan turned me on to the new marco album. Its creative and infectious. He needs to play more around the country and not just in ny. Come to Chicago Marco.

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