New Patty Larkin: Watch the Sky

patty larkin

Patty Larkin has been one of the consistent, high quality mainstays of the contemporary folk-singer-songwriter scene since she emerged in the mid-80’s. Her latest, Watch the Sky, was released on Vanguard Records in January. Patty shows her guitar prowess on this record – playing all sorts of gee-tars: acoustic, electric, lap steel, National, baritone, and bass! If you’re a gearhead, be sure to check out the Guitarbox area of her web site for all the techy guitar details.

Here’s one of my favorites off the record. Be sure also to check out the mesmerizing lap steel on the instrumental, “Bound Brook”. Really a great album all the way through…

Patty Larkin – Phone Message mp3)

Buy Watch the Sky | Patty’s MySpace

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