Friday Five

Ickmusic’s Friday Five: July 25, 2008

Come See the Softer Side of Shuffle.

This week it’s time to “Question the Answers” on the Friday Five with the following playlist…

Match ANY of the following conditions

NAME contains Who
NAME contains What
NAME contains Where
NAME contains When
NAME contains Why
NAME contains How

As we continue “The Theme Days of Summer” I’m calling this in as I do some chores around the house.

For those who have not joined in the Five, here’s how it works: … I hit the shuffle button on my iTunes and share my five with some words (and the occasional rant) for each track.

Then it’s your turn! You can play along with the themed playlist or just share the first five of your shuffle, either way the fun is in playing musical voyeur for the day.

Here are this week’s tracks:

1. Prince – Whole Lotta Love (from My Band’s Tight!)

From a 2002 aftershow in Copenhagen, the recordings title says it all. This is as rockin’ a version as I’ve ever heard Led Zeppelin perform. This is a classic aftershow and is well worth seeking out.

2. Grant GreenSo What (MP3) (from Sunday Mornin’)

From Prince covering Led Zeppelin to the criminally underrated Grant Green covering Miles Davis it would appear that the shuffle is doing a little theme of its own. While not the household name that his contemporaries Wes Montgomery and Charlie Parker became, Grant Green had a swing and groove that was all his own. Sunday Mornin’ is his ‘Gospel’ record, showcasing the brilliant tone and bop that he possessed. The record is out of print, so here’s the track for ya’ll to groove to.

3. Def Leppard – No Matter What (from Rock of Ages: The Definitive Collection)

If I were a betting man, I would not have guessed but the third track up on the shuffle would be another cover, this time its Sheffield’s favorite son’s Def Leppard covering the Badfinger classic “No Matter What”. This kicked off a record (the peculiarly titled Yeah!) that I did not care much for. Let’s move on.

4. DJ Shadow – What Does Your Soul Look Like, Part 1: Blue Sky Revisit / Transmission 3 (from Endtroducing…)

If you had asked me what my favorite record was in 1997 the record that would immediately spring to mind is Entroducing…. Culled from a record collection so deep it knows no bounds the record was later cited in Guinness World Records as being the first album created entirely from sampled sources. This is a brilliant record that came out at just the right time.

5. The Afghan Whigs – What Jail is Like (from Gentlemen)

Speaking of brilliant records, Gentlemen is a record that has stood the test of time. I can listen to this record twenty times in a month and it still inspires and sounds brand new.

So what’s answering your questions?


  • KathyB

    Part of this list is great. Part of it is embarrassing. (So what else is new?)

    1. “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” by the Rolling Stones, from “Let It Bleed”

    2. “021 – Unknown Show – 01.49PM-01.52PM” This is part of the “Wall 2 Wall Sondheim Concert” that was broadcast on Sirius radio in 2005. A friend recorded it, and I never changed the titles of the tracks. It’s actually Jason Danieley and Graham Somebody singing “Agony” from “Into the Woods.”

    3. “Not Going Anywhere” by Keren Ann from “Not Going Anywhere” (2003)

    4. “What Makes the Cherry Red” by Christine Fellows from “Nevertheless” (2007)

    5. “Wondering Where the Lions Are” by Bruce Cockburn from “Anything Anytime Anywhere” (I know that’s not where the song is originally from, but it where I imported it from.) Ending the five on an extremely high note!

    (“So What” by Miles Davis is #10 on my list.)

  • Eighth Deadly Sin

    1. When the World Ends – Dave Matthews Band (Everyday)
    Eh, mediocre song from an even more mediocre album

    2. This Is How I Disappear – My Chemical Romance (The Black Parade)
    Hmm, I forgot I had this. Not bad, but nothing special, really.

    3. For Whom the Bell Tolls – Metallica (S&M)
    Great song. I kinda like the addition of the orchestra on the S&M album.

    4. When You Dance, I Can Really Love – Neil Young with Poncho and the MGs (Fox Theatre 5/10/02)
    Great NY song, the show opener from a bootleg recorded at the Fox Theatre in Redwood City, CA, as the warm up show to the 2002 European tour.

    5. What’s Left of the Flag – Flogging Molly (Whiskey on a Sunday)
    From Flogging Molly’s live cd/dvd. Great band, highly recommended. I just wish I could still see them in more intimate clubs like I did 5 years ago.

  • ljhord

    Some older, but still frequently played, songs came up first under today’s criteria:

    1. “Who Knows Where The Time Goes” by Fairport Convention from “Unhalfbricking”, 1969.
    2. “Do What You Like” by Blind Faith from “Blind Faith, 1969.
    3. “Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out” by Derek & The Dominoes from “Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs”, 1970.
    4. “I know Where Love Lives” by Hal Ketchum from “The Hits”, 1996.
    5. “Ask Me Why” by The Beatles from “Please Please Me”, 1963.

  • Skittles

    1. “How Am I Different?” by Aimme Mann from Bachelor No. 2. “When you fuck it up later, do I get my money back?” This was the album that really made me fall in love with Aimee’s work. What a great way to kick things off.

    2. “What About Love” by Heart from Heart. Oh, how appropriate that this came up. I’m rediscovering my love for Heart after catching “Dreamboat Annie – Live” last night on VH1 Classic.

    3. “We Do What We’re Told (Milgram’s 37)” by Peter Gabriel from So. I haven’t listened to this album in ages. I really love this track, too.

    4. “Where Is My Mind?” by Pixies from Wave of Mutilation: Best of Pixies. I’ve been on a little bit of a Pixies kick lately, after seeing LoudQuietLoud. I love them so.

    5. “Where Do Broken Hearts Go” by Whitney Houston from Whitney. I laughed out loud when this track came on. I didn’t even realize I had this album in my iTunes. I used to have it on cassette when I was a kid.

  • Pete

    1. “WHEN the World’s At Peace” by the O’Jays – from Back Stabbers (1972) – early 70’s soul n’ funk from Philly’s finest.

    2. “WHOle Lotta Loving’” by Fats Domino (1958) – A living legend. I made sure to drive over to his house in the 9th ward of post-Katrina New Orleans to pay homage.

    3. “Take HOWever Long You Want” by Lesser Birds of Paradise – Don’t know anything about this band. I went to their web site to investigate, and it looks like the same hacker that got my site a couple weeks ago has infected their official site. You can go to their MySpace, but don’t go to their official site. A Chicago Indie Folk band.

    4. “WHEN Push Comes to Shove” by the Grateful Dead from a live boot from 12/31/87 in Oakland. It’s so easy to get lost in a Dead show – once in a while I’ll pull out an old boot, close my eyes, and go back to those 10 mind-bending shows I saw.

    5. “A Thousand Miles from NoWHERE” by Dwight Yoakam, from This Time (1993). Dwight’s got some great records, and this is one of ‘em. Pete Anderson-produced California Country.

  • Julie

    Ok, new to ipod, very little on it, all my faves.

    WHO: “Someone Who Cares” The Only Ones
    English band from the latter half of the 70’s. poppy with strings and a fragile voiced lead singer.

    WHAT: “What’s Takin So Long”: St. Paul of Westerberg, as he is affectionately known in some circles. great ” I have had it!” song

    WHERE:” Radio Nowhere” Bruce–best opening tour song since BITUSA–lots of power live. Album mixed to muddy for my taste, would have liked the vocal mixed more up front.

    WHEN: “When Will I be Loved “Linda Ronstadt
    my all time favorite chick singer—well maybe Emmylou there as well

    WHY: ” Why Does Love Have To be So Sad?” Derek and the Dominoes. Best rock album ever. Clapton and Allman (RIP) brought out the best in each other.

    HOW ” How Do You Keep Love Alive” Ryan Adama and The Cardinals nobody does vulnerability better than the very fragile wunderkind

  • whiteray

    Okay, it’s late Sunday . . but here’s what’s leading me out of the weekend:

    Who: “They Wonder Who I Am” by Lightin’ Hopkins, Herald single 449, 1955. Boogie on, Lightnin’!

    What: “Come What May” by Elvis Presley, RCA single 8870, 1966. Not sure where this one came from, as it’s from a time in Elvis’ career that I find unimpressive. But there you go . . .

    Where: “Let Me Know Where You’re Going” by Mason Proffit from “Movin’ Towards Happiness,” 1971. Still one of the greatest bands that should have made it big but never did . . . country rock superb!

    When: “In the Evening (When the Sun Goes Down)” by Big Joe Turner, Atlantic EP 565, 1954. Classic R&B on one of the great labels.

    Why: “Why Am I Lonely” by Billy Stewart, Chess single 1960 from 1966. Sweet sad soul.

    And I may as well . . . .

    How: “How Can You Say Goodbye” by Jackie Lomax from “Is This What You Want?” from 1969. A George Harrison protege, his album was released on Apple.

  • Gavinsdad

    Great idea !!!!

    Why ( Live) Annie Lennox — Party at the Palace what a voice !!!!!

    Where Have All The Flowers Gone – Pete Seeger from Greatest Hits my kids love to listen to Pete albums (timeless)

    For What Its Worth – Buffalo Springfield from Retrospective in my opinion the greatest protest song.

    Why Does it Hurt When I Pee ? Zappa from Joes Garage Sorry !!!! Wonderful album if you dont have it.

    What If ? Lucinda Wiliams from West. I have worn the grooves out of this one. It does not get any better than her !!!! Will be first in line for the new one.

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