Shocker: Prince Videos Online!

Wowee! The artist formerly known as one who embraced the internet but got all grumpy and now has no official internet presence (T.A.F.K.A…eh never mind) has a slew of videos available on MTV’s new video site, MTVMUSIC.COM.

Lordy only knows exactly how long it will be before the cease & desists hit MTV, but in the meantime, let’s embed legally while we can!

They even have the 17 + minute live video of “I Would Die 4 U” / “Baby I’m a Star” – the very same one I still have on VHS from a late 1984 Friday Night Videos. Prince in his prime. Huzzah!


  • Gonzo

    Interesting. I’m pulling this out of my arse, but maybe because it’s MTV and they have exhibition rights for cable, that extends to the Internet as well? We’ll just see how Prince responds.

    This, along with a Prince shuffle on today’s run got me thinking (and concerned) about the preservation of his legacy. He’s too finicky to let anyone else handle it, but appears to have no interest in collaborating with WB on remasters, for example. WB could probably do bare bones remasters if they wanted, but obviously need Prince if unreleased bonus tracks/photos, etc. are to be included. Ugh.

    But what I really came here to say is thanks for the link! It’s just what I need – another distraction to kill the hours I’m supposedly “writing.”

  • Modster

    Gonzo – the preservation of Prince’s legacy is a complete shame. Since turning Jehovah, he seems even more intent on covering up the past for some reason. Sure its copyrights and all that stuff, but its just too heavy handed. Something is up and i think we’ll know one day.

    As for his unreleased tracks and other content in the “Vault”, thats also in danger I suspect. Actually preserving those tapes, as old as they are now, how is that handled? Or even handled at all? There’s a lot of actual logistic considerations about such tapes. Audio or video. Much of which is also on VHS and higher end video tapes. Who’s preserving or managing, transferring that stuff at Paisley Park?

    And the religious fervor might extent to even Prince MAYBE destroying his nasty songs. Its a possibility.

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