Friday Five

Ickmusic’s Friday Five: November 7, 2008

This shuffle attracts Those We Do Not Speak Of. You must bury it.

A quickie this week…

For those who have not joined in the Five, here’s how it works: … I hit the shuffle button on my iTunes and share my five with a bit of insight for each track.

Then it’s your turn! Just share the first five random track of your shuffle in the comments and see what your fellow readers are listening to as well.

Here are this week’s tracks:

1. U2 – Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses (from Achtung Baby)

Apparently a young bikini-clad lady is the current answer.

2. Ani DiFranco – Providence (feat. Prince) (from To the Teeth)

I know that it’s a stretch, but listen to Ani‘s “You Had Time” (from Out of Range) and then Prince‘s “Eye Love U, but Eye Don’t Trust U Anymore” (from Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic, which Ani provides guitar work) and then this track and tell me that it does not form an unholy trinity of a single story arc about relationships gone sour and the unhealthy way we handle them. One of the most demure and restrained Prince guest performances I have ever heard.

3. Jay-Z – Can I Get A… (feat. Amil of Major Coins and Ja Rule) (from Vol. 2… Hard Knock Life)


4. Mike Reno and Ann Wilson – Almost Paradise (Love Theme From Footloose) (from Footloose)

So do you think that they’ll get David Cook and Carrie Underwood to perform this tune for the upcoming remake of the film? Cheese factor be damned, I like this song a whole lot.

5. Trivium – Dying in Your Arms (from Ascendancy)

I could do without the cookie monster vocal during the breakdown, but outside of that this song is rather kick-ass.

Tag, you’re it!


  • Coz

    Okay, Michael, I’m in:

    1. Frightened Rabbit – The Twist (The Midnight Organ Fight)

    Who’s not a sucker for a good ol’ Scottish dirge dressed up in pop conventions? I LOVE this band – they’re in Austin in few weeks… can’t wait!

    2. Depeche Mode – Everything Counts (Construction Time Again)

    Really marks the emergence of Martin Gore as a more sophisticated songsmith. David? Simply some of the most recognizable pipes in pop music. 25 years later and the song’s seems as relevant as ever.

    3. Jane Wiedlin – Rush Hour (Fur)

    Sure, the wannabe’s all thought Cool Places was more hip, but they were wrong then and wrong now. I cannot imagine how you wouldn’t like this song. I put it near the very top of her pretty impressive, if overlooked, writing catalog.

    4. Blacktop Manhattan – Holly Wise (Demo Single)

    My Absolutely favorite defunct band of never signed Canadian teens… EVER! Even my Nanday Conure, Chuy, got bopping to this one and she’s a total music snob. Simple, but oh so damned hooky.

    5. Lisa Loeb – How (Firecracker)

    Such a pretty song. And let’s be honest, who hasn’t had that person in our lives that wasn’t good for us, but they kept sneaking through our defenses? The difference is that Lisa Loeb expresses it in a melodic, poetic, and graceful form that most of us who’ve taken pick to string, pen to paper, or finger to keyboard only aspire to.

    That’s my five… freakin’ shuffle…

  • Anne

    1. “Kamera” Wilco from Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, 2002.

    2. “Statues” Foo Fighters from Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace. I love FF but I have to admit, I tend to listen to the songs on this album more in shuffle mode than actually listening to the entire album.

    3. “Don’t Go Away” Oasis from Be Here Now, 1997. You know, I never understood how people went nuts over Oasis. They are OK to me and this song is OK to me. I guess I am missing something.

    4. “Meet Me By the Water” Rachael Yamagata from Happenstance, 2004. Any time one of her songs comes up in the shuffle, I think, “why don’t I listen to her more?” Very talented.

    5. “Nobody’s Crying” Patty Griffin from 1000 Kisses, 2002. I love Patty!

  • KathyB

    1. “Big Town” by Catilin Cary from “Waltzie” (2000). Another offshoot of my endless fascination with Whiskeytown.

    2. “High on Cruel” by Neko Case & Her Boyfriends from “The Virginian” (1997). GREAT song.

    3. “O My Love” by The Cloud Room from “The Cloud Room” (2005). I am ashamed to admit that I have no idea what this track is.

    4. “The Blind Leading the Blind: 3rd Movement” by Punch Brothers from “Punch” (2008). 12 minutes of a 40-minute bluegrass suite.

    5. “Tender Shepherd” conducted by Grant Gershon, from “An Awfully Big Adventure: The Best of Peter Pan.” I swear this album has come up before on the Friday Five. I must look like a Peter Pan junkie.

  • Gonzo

    First thing’s first – they’re remaking Footloose? WTF WHY?

    1. 2 Pac – If I Die 2Nite

    It’s only been within the last few years that I’ve gotten into 2Pac. Such a complex figure.

    2. Black Star- Re: Definition

    Oooh, is this going to be an all hip hop shuffle? This is one of my top 10 hip hop albums of all time, easy. Mos Def and Talib Kweli? That’s some hot shit right there.

    3. The Roots – Streeta’s Having My Baby

    Just a little segue. Maybe I’ll go for a Friday 6? The first Roots album is one of the best – very jazzy.

    4. Yoko Ono/Cat Power – Revelations

    So much for the hip hop! From last year’s Yes, I’m a Witch project – one of my favorites. Such a gorgeous song.

    5. Iggy & the Stooges – Death Trip

    Coincidentally, this is also the closer on Raw Power, which I sometimes think beats out Fun House as the best Stooges record.

  • whiteray

    Didn’t get here until Saturday morning . . . but that will have to do:

    1. “You’re Gonna Blow My Mind” by Southwind from “Southwind,” 1968. Adequate late ’60s rock with lots of acidy guitar and Grass Roots-style vocals. Dunno where i got it, but it’s a nice period piece.

    2. “These Chains” by Boo Hewerdine and Darden Smith from “Evidence,” 1989. This album is a collaboration between Hewerdine, who headed the Bible in Britain, and Texas country/folk/rock genius Smith. One of my favorite albums!

    3. “No Expectations” by the Rolling Stones from “Beggar’s Banquet,” 1968. Weary bluesy track from one of the great albums.

    4. “In Our Hearts” by Wet Willie from “Keep On Smilin’,” 1974. Decent southern-tinged rock.

    5. “Shades of Gray” by Cry Cry Cry from “Cry Cry Cry,” 1998. The group was a one-shot trio of modern folkies. Some sweet music here.

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