A Nudge in the Right Direction

A Smooth-Running Nudge is a Relaxing Experience.

It’s been awhile since we shared what’s popping up on our readers…

  • The 25 Days of Mellowmas kicked off over at Popdose this week complete with an original theme song composed and performed by Alan O’Day. (Somewhere Alan Thicke is calling his management to contact Jeff and Jason for next year.)
  • Radio Exile provides an official timeline to the whole Satriani vs. Coldplay debacle. (Because C, D, G, Em is clearly the most obscure chord progression ever.)
  • It would appear that both Fleetwood Mac and The Faces are both headed out on the road in 2009. (Paging Steely Dan and the Doobie Brothers)
  • Finally, it would appear Prince has lured yet another young lady into his life with the promise of a record release. (Can someone have Támar‘s people call Bria‘s people to start the intervention now?)



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