New Prince Site

For the first time in nearly a year Prince has an official web presence again. It’s a place holder at the moment but promises many of the features of the NPGMC. The media player is playing “Crimson & Clover”, “(There’ll Never B) Another Like Me” and Bria Valente‘s ““Here I Come”. Of particular interest is the TV on the bottom of the site featuring a scene from Purple Rain (the 25th aniversary is this year, could we finally get a remaster?)

You can find it all at


  • Pete

    lotusflow3r. I think I just found my next password at work!
    Okay, fished in again, because this looks pretty cool to me, and I am digging the new ’08-’09 sounds I’ve been hearing. MPLSOUND should be pretty sweet – stripped down Prince on Pro Tools. Bring it!

  • Michael

    Yeah, it took me a little bit to get into the new tracks but after a few listens they have grown on me. And like a fool I’ll pony up whatever he charges for access to the tunes.

  • Chuck

    Hey Pete & Michael First, love the website’s new look NICE WORK!!!
    Well I’m fool No#2 and a broke one because so far listening to these tracks I’m so stoked & hopefully the rest of them won’t be just unlistenable filler on the new album.

    Anyway KEEP THE FUNK FLOWIN’!!! 🙂

  • Pete

    I guess I have to stake claim to fool #4 even though I was first in the comments. I didn’t nab Fool #1 though, so my fault.

    Fool #4 representin’!

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